Morning!  Two reviews for you today!  First up, is a review on the blog tour of 2000 Tunes by Karl Drinkwater, a literary novel with fantastic, complex characters and a tangled romance…..

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Mark Hopton is twenty-four, single, and obsessed with Manchester music. It’s his escape into a better world.

Oh man, he needs that escape. His psycho brother’s on his case and in his face, his dad’s in prison, and the local gangsters are twisting his melons to make him smuggle drugs. Heaven knows he’s miserable now.

His one true shining ray of hope is Samantha Rees, a gorgeous and chaotic Welsh woman who rocks his world. She is the only good thing about his dead-end job. However, Samantha is popular, living the 24 hour party people lifestyle, so Mark assumes she’d never be interested in a shy outsider like him.

But after a chance encounter leads to Mark and Samantha spending the day together in the city centre – such a perfect day – perhaps hope isn’t fool’s gold after all?

Published by: Organic Apocolypse on 20th March 2020

Formats available: Paperback and eBook

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

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Mark and Sam work in the same office, but Mark is quiet, keeps his head down and is mainly invisible to some of the staff.  Sam, on the other hand, is a team leader, open, bubbly and gets up to all sorts out of work – thoroughly enjoying the party scene with her best friend Emily, who also works on the team.

Marks life has been tough, but he’s trying his hardest to not end up like his Dad (in prison) and his brother Denny (a criminal and thug).  The one thing that has always got him through is music. When he gets tied up with some local gangsters, all thanks to his family, he’s in a tricky situation and he battles with himself about the right thing to do.  Meanwhile, he decides to make some personal changes, and bumps into Sam whilst out shopping.  They spend a lovely day together and a budding friendship begins.  But with their own issues affecting their heads and hearts, their road to romance isn’t an easy one.

Sam is having a hard time of her own.  Her Nan has recently passed away and being in Manchester when her family are all in Wales is hard.  Partying to occupy her time, she constantly clashes with her boss and is miserable in the house she shares.

But what will Sam decide to do? Will Mark make the right decision? And will they finally end up together?

I really enjoyed getting to know Mark and Sam.  They’re both very deep, complex characters with their own histories, but Mark definitely got to me the most.  Such a lovely guy, despite his upbringing and family, he wants to do well in life but has no confidence.  At times I really felt like he may have a slight learning disability; he finds it hard sometimes to interpret people’s comments, manage certain situations and is very sensitive.  It’s heartwarming to read and I just wanted to hug him.  He just wants to do the right thing, but struggles with knowing what that is, especially when it comes to family.  His love and knowledge of music is extraordinary and helps him to get by.  He also has some cute aspects about him (his alternatives to swearing) which I found adorable, and made me chuckle at times.

Sam, as I’ve said is pretty much the opposite.  Bubbly and outgoing, but has her own problems. I felt a bit torn about Sam; I did like her and wanted them to get together but at times I wanted to give her a bit of a talking to!  The other characters in this are also fab.  Emily would drive me nuts as a best friend, and definitely takes things too far sometimes!  Roger is such a creep and angered me on numerous occasions; and Ben and Dave are fab.  I wasn’t sure about these 2 either at first, but they definitely come through – especially Dave.

I did find the story a little hard to get into a first, and it is very long.  Although the story is slowly revealed, I think it was a little slow for me to begin with.  It picked up for me about half way through and then I really wanted to keep going to reach the conclusion.   I liked that each chapter brings in a new song, but I did find the references to music too much sometimes (but then the title kind of gives it away, so it’s probably down to my own expectations).  I think if you’re a fan of the Manchester music scene of the time then you will love this, and it will take you right back.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the songs bought back memories for me but my music tastes  at the time were pretty different!

Overall, I did enjoy this and would read more from the author.  It’s taught me that reading something with so much music in probably isn’t for me, but that’s not down to the book, that’s just my personal opinion.  However, I do think lots of you will enjoy it, and the story of Sam and Mark is brilliant and will reel you in. It will bring out a lot of emotions, especially if you adore Mark like I do!

As I’ve mentioned if you’re a music fan, especially the Manchester music scene then you will throughly enjoy this; and if you’re familiar with Manchester as a place, then definitely check this out.  However, I don’t want any of you to discount this book because you don’t fit into these categories.  You’ll still enjoy this if you’re a fan of a gentle and unhurried romance, wonderful, in-depth and complex characters with back stories and literary fiction/sagas.  So if this is you, check this out!



about the author

Karl Drinkwater is originally from Manchester but lived in Wales for twenty years, and now calls Scotland his home. He’s a full-time author, edits fiction for other writers, and was a professional librarian for over twenty-five years. He has degrees in English, Classics, and Information Science.

He writes in multiple genres: his aim is always just to tell a good story. Among his books you’ll find elements of literary and contemporary fiction, gritty urban, horror, suspense, paranormal, thriller, sci-fi, romance, social commentary, and more. The end result is interesting and authentic characters, clever and compelling plots, and believable worlds.

When he isn’t writing he loves exercise, guitars, computer and board games, the natural environment, animals, social justice, cake, and zombies. Not necessarily in that order.

Where to find Karl online: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Goodreads ~ Website

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