My 34th birthday has flown around….in my head I’m still 17! Who knows where the other 17 years have gone.  I’ve just uploaded a video of what I got and wanted to do a blog post too.

I’m not doing this to brag, but because 1) I have an absolutely terrible memory and 2) a lot of it was beauty related so may give some inspiration to someone!

What did I do for my birthday?

Well…..I was actually at work on my birthday (boo!) so celebrated properly with my Husband the following weekend.  I decided to take a little trip to Canterbury (which is in Kent, where I live, for those that don’t know) for a day out.

We had a wander round, I filmed for my vlog (which I’ll link below), spent my birthday money and had an amazing vegan lunch.


There are quite a few places in Canterbury that offer vegan options which is great!  We chose to go to ‘The Veg Box Cafe’ which I would HIGHLY recommend.

Everything on the menu is vegan but they do have cow’s milk and cheese on site for those that might want it.  I chose the lasagne which was HUGE and came with tons of salad and Hubby had the hot pot.

All their dishes are served on cardboard trays which can be recycled and the cutlery are plastic and biodegradable!

As it was my birthday (and I didn’t have any on the day!), I ordered myself cake to take away.

This cake was honestly AMAZING!  On the left is the Beetroot & Chocolate Brownie – SO moist, chocolatey and YUM!  The chocolate cupcake was also delicious.  If a non-vegan bought these they would NOT know that they were vegan!

What did I get?

I was really lucky to get some fab bits from my family and friends.

As I’m trying to move towards more sustainable, and less wasteful, living I’d ask hubby to get me a reusable water bottle.  He did good and got me this Brita one which filters water as you drink, is BPA free and is eco-friendly!

He also got me 4 new nail varnishes from the Barry M collection:

You can also see The Body Shop Colour Crush polish that one of my friends got me in the shade ‘Hemp over Heels’.  She also got me 2 lovely candle holders for my dressing table.

My other friend got me a lovely hurricane lap and some products by Inecto.  She had mentioned these to me before so I was excited to try them (they are fab!).

I also got a bottle of fizz from my work friends and a couple of doodle note pads.

I’d asked my sister to get me some reusable cotton pads as I’m SO conscious of the amount that I use and throw away! She got me these beauts from a website called babipur.  They’re 100% organic cotton and MUCH BETTER than using disposable ones.

What did I buy myself?!

I was lucky enough to get some money from my parents, Auntie and Nan so treated myself to a few beauty bits (as well as lunch!).

I really wanted to try some make up brands that I have used before so got myself 2 palettes from Make Up Revolution.  They are a cruelty free company but say that they can’t guarantee that their products are vegan.  However, I checked out the ingredients to make sure these were.

I got the Iconic Smokey Palette:

And the Iconic Pro 2 palette:

My friend had recommended the company ‘The Ordinary’ so I was keen to try a couple of products.  I was really impressed at how cheap the products were! Considering I bought them in Fenwicks I thought they would cost a bomb BUT they were both around £5 each!

On the left is Retinol 0.2% in squalane.  On the right – a high coverage foundation in the shade 1.0 NS (Very fair, Neutral with Silvery Highlights).  It matches my skin tone perfectly!  If you’ve never heard of this brand, I highly recommend checking them out here.

I really needed a primer too so got this tone adjusting primer from e.l.f.

This is so smooth and goes on like a dream.  The only thing is, that I don’t think it actually does much for my skin tone! However, it’s only £7.50 so I’m more than happy to keep using it as a general primer.

The only other thing I bought myself was some luxury face cloths from Primary (3 for £2.50) to use with a cleansing oil at the end of the day.  Again, less waste as I can stick them in the wash with my cotton pads!

So that’s everything!

And I can’t forget…..

How gorgeous is he?!  A dinosaur microwavable wheat bag from my Auntie.  Definitely needed in this freezing weather!

So overall I was thoroughly spoilt, got some wonderful bits and had a lovely day out with my Husband! What a way to celebrate entering my 34th year!

Here’s the link to watch my YouTube video about this:

Here’s my vlog of my lovely day out in Canterbury:

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Chelle x

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