Afternoon lovelies.  I thought I’d share this book review with you this afternoon!  A Cruel Deception by Kim Booth is a true crime story.  Told by the investigating Detective, Kim takes you on the investigation with him to prove that one woman has been deceiving her so called friends for many years and leaving them in an extremely vulnerable position……

the blurb

For Joan and Ted Warner, an innocent and trusting couple, a chance encounter with Barbara Hendry, a cunning con-woman who turned their settled lives into a living nightmare

The Warners were not victims of a remote scam, carried out over the internet by fraudsters from afar. For six years, faking a friendship face-to-face, this plausible woman carried off the impersonation of a member of the nobility fallen on hard times, manipulating the emotions of her victims, deceitfully draining them of every penny they had set aside for their retirement, and plunging them into debt.

Hendrys intention was to slip away, having sucked the Warners dry of all their hard-earned savings. But for some dogged investigative work by a determined detective she would have succeeded- and remained free to prey on other vulnerable victims.

Follow this journey of fraud and depravity in the company of the one man who knows the full story – the British detective who cracked the case and brought Barbara Hendry to justice.

A Cruel Deception is an insightful and gripping work of true crime, which illustrates the depth of wickedness and the possibility that we can all be deceived.

The author retired from the Lincolnshire Police as Detective Inspector in charge of the Lincolnshire Police Economic Crime Unit. He now provides anti-fraud advice and fraud investigation on a consultancy basis together with assisting authors with police procedural issues and story lines.

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my review

A Cruel Deception is written by Kim Booth, the Detective who investigated and cracked this truly evil case of deception.  A true story, Kim tells us about he’s initial concerns when faced with the details, his subsequent meetings with the Warners, and the in-depth investigation that follows.

The deception had been going on for such a long time and despite the signs, the Warners were unwilling to believe that their friend, Mrs Hendry, would do such a thing to them.  It is horrible to realise how horrendous it must have been for them when they realised they had been wrong, and the precarious financial situation they were in – all from wanting to help a so called friend.

The book gives you a real insight into a police investigation and the long and laborious hours that must be spent when looking at fraud.  It is very detailed, and provides statements given by lots of witness, as well as the actions carried out by Kim.  I did feel that there was too much detail for me at times and I would find my mind drifting off, but it really does help to see how much work goes into such investigations.

I felt so terrible for the Warners and was absolutely shocked and disgusted at the behaviour of Mrs Hendry – to behave in such a way to a lovely older couple and wipe out their life savings is despicable.  I’m so glad she, and her associates got what was coming to them.  But what also amazed me is how people helped her, without even really questioning why they were doing what they were doing.  it goes to show just how manipulative and calculating she really was.

Overall a really interesting story with a brilliant insight into a police fraud investigation.  This will definitely open your eyes and get your thinking!



about the author

*Bio & photo courtesy of Amazon

Kim Booth was born in Lincolnshire UK.  After several jobs and a brush with the law decided to join the Lincolnshire Police where he served 35 years mainly in investigate roles.
These roles included many years as both as Detective Constable and Detective Sergeant in the CID. He went on to serve in specialist roles including the Drug Squad. He further specialized in a conducting surveillance in the Regional Crime Squad (later National Crime Agency) Detective Sergeant in Special Branch and later Detective Inspector Head of Special Branch. He then moved on the be Detective Inspector Head of the Economic Crime Unit of the Lincolnshire Police dealing with all types of fraud, money laundering,and internet crime. During this time he also supervised offences of pedophilia conducted by offenders on the internet and the detention of suspects. After retirement he was retained to investigate a $350 million PONZI fraud and traveled to work with other law enforcement agencies in the Bahama US of A, Japan, Canada and New Zealand, He has over the years specialized in fraud investigation and been involved in many murder investigations including two serial killer enquiries, several kidnaps and extortion’s, the successful investigation of the only murder by postal IED in the UK and the arrest and conviction of three contract killers.  After leaving the police he worked as a Corporate Security Manager for a well know international holiday company for a number of years. Currently he runs a fraud consultancy and has started to fulfill and long standing intention to write true crime and crime fiction books.He lives in the city of Lincoln.

Massive thanks to Kim and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review; and many thanks for your patience.

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