A bit about me and my vegan journey; and why I started this blog and my Youtube channel.

I know….I’m rubbish! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted last but I’ve had such a busy couple of weeks at work that I haven’t had time to write…..but I’m back!

So today, as I keep rambling on at you all, I thought it might be good for me to share a little bit about me and my vegan journey.

Facts about me
  • I’ve JUST turned 34!
  • I work full time as a Project Manager
  • I’m studying part time for a degree in Archaeology through the University of Leicester.  I’m currently on year 2 of 6!!!  I’ve got one more module starting in February and after that my marks will start to count towards my final degree….which is scary!I decided to do a degree in Archaeology as I’ve always loved history and archaeology so thought I’d be much better choosing a subject I love and am likely to stick to…..so far, so good!
  • I like to keep myself busy and rarely sit and relax (as you might have guessed!)
  • I go through mini obsessions with things and have tried many things including knitting and cross stitch but get bored quickly!
  • I’m married and have a step-son who is nearly 20!!!
  • I am a massive animal lover and if I won the lottery, I’d open an animal sanctuary/retreat and spend my days there!  Until then, I have 4 fur-babies and a lizard!!!  Meet my babies –  Chewie, Max, Jess and Sirius! (Can’t find a picture of Falkor the Crested Gecko at the moment!
Chewie and me at Christmas <3 My little best friend!
Max and Jess <3 Brother and Sister and 9 years old!
Sirius watching cat TV <3 He’s only a year old and 2 brothers but they both got hit by cars 🙁
My vegan journey so far

 I originally became vegetarian back in 2010.  I’d been thinking about it for a good while and decided I really couldn’t eat animals anymore as I felt guilty every time I drove past a field of lambs/sheep/cows etc!  I didn’t find it a struggle and didn’t miss meat, as many meat-eaters like to enquire!!

Fast forward to last year (2017) – my Dad had tried becoming vegan previously and was giving it another go and it really got me thinking.  So from April I started trying to cut out animal bi-products and using alternatives which, food wise, I found relatively easy.  I started thinking about cosmetics and the fact that animal testing still takes place although I wasn’t overly aware of this, so also agreed with myself that I’d start gradually swapping my products to cruelty free brands.  I started by signing up to some beauty subscription boxes:

  • Love Lula
  • The Natural Beauty Box
  • The Pip Box

Then, fast forward again to the end of June and I decided, no matter how much I wanted to remain naïve to the stuff that happens, I needed to know…..so I watched Earthlings…… It was literally the worst thing I have EVER watched. I cried hysterically ALL the way through and was absolutely heartbroken and vowed that from that moment onwards I would NOT be involved in, or use anything that may have impacted animals.  That was the 1st July and I haven’t looked back since!I spent some time that night doing a little bit of research about where I could find toothpaste etc; got up the next morning and bought the essentials from Co-op!

If you look on a lot of vegan groups and sites, it is advised that you don’t throw away products that you already own but use them up first.  The majority of mine, especially make up, skin care and nail products I passed on to my sister; plus my Husband isn’t vegan so he was able to use up a lot of stuff.  The only bits I did keep were expensive items like perfume and foundation as I didn’t want to be wasteful, and they’d cost too much money for me to give away!

My full on mission to find cruelty free and vegan brands then began! I was already signed up to the subscription boxes and had subsequently also signed up to The Cruelty Free Beauty Box and The Cruelty Free Make Up Box but I had to review the subscriptions in light of only wanting vegan friendly products.

I cancelled my subscription to Love Lula, as although all products are cruelty free and I discovered some great new brands, not all products were suitable for vegans.  Also, The Pip Box had just started offering a vegan only product box.  The Natural Beauty Box and both Cruelty Free Boxes had always provided vegan products.

Since July, I’ve spent lots of time researching brands, contacting them when I’m not sure and pulling my own list together and this leads to the next bit of this post!

Why I started this blog and my YouTube Channel

 I started this blog and my channel in December 2017 after thinking about it a lot.  I’d spent A LOT of hours on the internet researching brands, and am a massive lover of beauty and skincare, so it was and is really important for me to know that I am using products that match my ethics.  There are a couple of blogs that I had found really helpful (links below for you) and the occasional YouTube unboxing video but there didn’t appear to be a MASSIVE amount of cruelty free and vegan information out there (especially relevant to the UK), provided by normal people like you and me! I made up my mind to set ‘something’ up to try and help others find information and reviews…….say hello to my blog, channel and Instagram!


Logical Harmony (USA)Cruelty Free Kitty (USA)Ethical Elephant (USA)

I’ve also more recently found Cruelty Free Becky and she is in the UK and fab! I love her blog and You Tube channel so go and check her out!

Blog, Channel and Instagram

 I completely understand that some people like to watch videos, others like to read things in detail and some like short, to the point information so I thought I’d set up a way to reach everyone where possible!!So far my channel has included unboxing videos to help others see what brands and products I’m receiving in the boxes but is just starting to develop into other things as well.  Some of my most recent videos being about the skin care products I use on a daily basis and my Top 10 tips to becoming cruelty free. I’ll be talking about products I’ve used and reviewing them, and today have put up a vlog of my day out yesterday – including a visit to a vegan cafe!

My blog will provide a written element to the videos I post as well as more in-depth reviews of other products (and maybe other ramblings!) My Instagram is updated on a daily basis with various things so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on if you have an Instagram account.  I will be posting things like my favourite product of the day, sharing brands that you may not have heard of, letting you know when a new blog post or video is live and some general inspiration.

I also have Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook andGoogle+ accounts but currently use these less frequently (although still worth following) Links to all:


I’m also now starting to looking in how I can live more sustainably and produce less waste so keep an eye out from updates from me on this!

Where you can help!

 Please get involved! Comment on my posts, like, subscribe and follow if you enjoy my posts and videos and let me know what you’d like me to review.

If there is something specific you’d like researched but don’t have time, or a product you’d like me to try then let me know and I’ll do it for you!I’m really open to contact so please feel free to get in touch!

If you have any questions about me that I haven’t answered, give me a shout and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading lovelies!  Chelle x

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