I originally started this blog in December 2017 with the focus on cruelty-free, vegan beauty and skincare, and then thought about changing the focus to mental-health.  However, I needed to take some time out to get myself better which I did and now I’m back!

It’s now September 2018 and I’ve decided that my blog will take on a new focus around something else I love.  There are many other bloggers out there that cover cruelty-free and vegan products, and although I’m still extremely passionate about this I have very sensitive skin and trialling lots of different products sadly doesn’t work for me (not enough to keep up with a blog anyway).

I’ve recently had a few stints in hospital (complications from a minor op) and have rediscovered my love of reading.  It’s always been there…..I was one of the top readers in Primary School and I’ve always loved immersing myself in a story.  I used to spend my weekends in the local library when I was kid, borrowing as many books as possible and dreaming of being a librarian!  Sadly, I’ve found with working and studying that I just don’t give myself the time anymore though.

Having re-read most of the Harry Potter books and a number of other fictional books over the last month I’ve realised how much I truly love curling up with a good book and have realised that it’s important for my own self-care to give myself time to relax and let go.  So I’m promising myself from now that I will, at the VERY least, read a chapter a night.  I’m planning on using the blog to review books and maybe post other bits to do with my life so hope you enjoy!

For my original ‘about me’ post (and to see pictures of my cute fur-babies (!), check out my the post here.

Chelle x