Thanks for heading over to learn about me!

I’m a 36 year old wife, fur-mum, vegan and book lover.  I’m about to head to uni as a mature student to study a BA in History – exciting but scary after being in work for the last 20 years!  I’ve been book blogging since September 2018 and previously blogged about vegan beauty before changing my focus.

love reading – my Husband will probably tell you that I spend 98% of my free time with my nose stuck in a book, reciting the age old quote of ‘one more chapter’.  I love a variety of genres and love the fact that I can thoroughly mix it up whilst blogging.  One day I can be reading a dreamy romance, the next a twisted and dark thriller – hence I never get bored!

I’ve reviewed a range of books from fiction, memoir, biography and self-help and I love the variation!  2020 has been an incredible blogging year for me so far (August 2020).  I handed in my notice at my day job in April with plans to get another job then COVID-19 lockdown hit!  So I’ve had a few months off and have enjoyed having so much time to read.  But with uni looming, my review efforts will be reduced considerably from October as I need to concentrate on getting a good degree (obviously!) But I will still be here and will hopefully be reading and reviewing 1-2 books a week.  Plus my popular Meet the Author feature will continue, and I’ll carry on bringing you spotlights, extracts and guest posts.

So that’s it – a short bit on me! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact. I love to hear from my readers.

For my original ‘about me’ post for my vegan blog (and to see pictures of my cute fur-babies (!), check out my the post here.

Chelle x