Next up is a review on the audiobook blog blitz of The Best Man by A. S. Kelly, a will they, won’t they romance with a wonderful narrator and heaps of Irish charm…..

about the audiobook

Title: The Best Man
Author: A. S. Kelly
Genre: Romantic Fiction
Series/Standalone: Standalone First Book in a Series
Duration: 9 hours
Tour organised by: Rachel’s Random Resources

Narrator: Jenn McGuirk

I always turn up at just the wrong moment. I never know how to make the most of a situation; I don’t know the right thing to say, or when I should come or go.

Let’s just say I have really shit timing.

I’m not a smart guy. I don’t have great ideas.

I’m practical, a hard worker; someone who lives for his family, and for the air that she breathes.

It’s just a shame that the “she” in question never knew this. It’s a shame that I waited all these years to make my move. It’s useless to tell you, readers, that it was already too late; that I’d screwed everything up, once again. And, this time, my mistakes forced her to come home.

Except she didn’t want to stay.

And now she hates me – or maybe she doesn’t. I still haven’t worked out what’s going on between us, but like I said, I’m not the sharpest tool in the box. And even though this could be my last chance, I’m not going to be the one to ask her to stay. Not even if she turns out to be the one I’ve always waited for.

Because she doesn’t belong in this place.

And she doesn’t belong in my life.

My name is Alex Brennan, and this is my story: of how I realised I’d lost the most important person in my life, before I even had her.

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my thoughts

It all starts at a wedding.  Alex is the Best Man and is thinking about stopping the wedding…..but why?! Because he’s in love with the bride.  What follows is a brilliant few first chapters!  After all the commotion caused though, will it all be worth it and will Alex get the woman he has loved for so long?

The first thing I really enjoyed about this audiobook was the narrator.  As the book is set in Ireland, it is narrated by Jenn in an Irish accent (I’m assuming she’s Irish but if not, she does a brilliant accent!).  This brings some real authenticity to the story and helped to bring out the fiery side to some of the characters.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jenn tell me the story.  It’s told from alternating points of view, between Alex and Ellie.

In terms of characters, I found Alex to be a bit of drip.  Although he starts the way he does, he’s then a bit wishy washy and I really want to kick him up the bum and tell him to get on with it! Although he does have Ellie’s best interests at heart.  Ellie is a fiery character but sadly I didn’t feel like I particularly ‘bonded’ with either her or Alex. However,   I really liked the family theme  and the closeness between some of the members.

I did find it a bit slow however.  The will they, won’t they does make you want to keep listening to see what will happen in the end, but I felt it was slightly drawn out.  However, if you like a slow burner of a romance then you will enjoy this.

So if you’re looking for a new audiobook with some Irish charm, a brilliant narrator and a will they, won’t they romance, then check this out.

about the author

A. S. Kelly was born in Italy but lives in Ireland with her husband, two children and a cat named Oscar.

She’s passionate about English literature, she’s a music lover and addicted to coffee.​

She spends her days in a small village North of Dublin, looking for inspiration for her next stories.

 Where to find A. S. Kelly online: Website ~ Instagram | @askelly_writes ~ Twitter | AKelly_writes ~ Facebook

Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour and to the author for a copy of the audiobook.  All views and opinions are my own.

One more to come!

Chelle x

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