Also today, I’m so happy to be on the blog tour ofAvalon’s Portal, Book 1 in The Chronicles of Avalon series by Lynne. W. Bailey.  This Arthurian middle grade fantasy is amazing, full of magic and an absolute joy to read….

about avalon’s portal & where to find it…

Nothing exciting ever happens to Arthur, and that’s the way he likes it. But when he stumbles into a magical world on his 13th birthday, the new teen has to put on his big boy pants and begin the quest of a lifetime to find his way back home.

With the help of new friends, Arthur overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles, tames magical creatures, and fights mythical monsters. By the end of his journey he has changed in ways he could never have imagined; he needs to get home, but the pull of Avalon leaves him with a difficult decision to make

Published on: 5th November 2020

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

I absolutely loved every second of this adventure! Full of legend, magic and other worlds I genuinely didn’t want to put this down.  The characters are fantastic, the magical beasts amazing, the storyline captivating and the writing style an absolute joy to read.

So let’s start with the characters.  Based around Arthurian legend, you can imagine some of the characters that you will come across (but I’m not giving them away!) – lets just say I was almost jumping in my seat when I came across some of them!!  Arthur is the sweetest kid who hasn’t had the easiest start to life.  I just wanted to give him a massive hug, and then join him on his amazing, magical adventure!  His unexpected pull to Avalon confuses him and he has to make some tough decisions about where he belongs….

His sidekick (who will remain unnamed here!) is also wonderful! A strong, amazing character who you will love.  And the dragons….I adored them! Spike is definitely my favourite – who wouldn’t want a baby dragon?! Arthur comes across so many magical creatures, but they’re not always sparkly and beautiful….some are grotesque!

The setting is fantastic.  I was thoroughly sucked into the story and setting and was watching it all unfold in my mind.  Bailey as a wonderful imagination and children will adore this.  The adventure is fabulous and will have you on the edge of your seat.

And as I’ve said the writing style is fun and easy to read, flows nicely and adults, as well as children, will love this.

Honestly if you’re looking for a new book for your children then this would be fantastic for them either to read themselves, or for you to read along with them – they will love it.  And even though it’s aimed at middle grade, I urge adults to read this too, especially if you want to lose yourself in a wonderful, original, magical. legendary world. I am literally on the edge of my seating waiting for the next book as I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Arthur and others yet!  Absolutely 100% recommended by me.  Fantastic book.



about Lynne. w. bailey

Lynne has been writing short stories and poems since the age of 12. She is currently working on various ghostwriting projects for a reputable publisher, however, Avalon’s Portal is her debut novel, published in her own name.

Lynne loves anything weird and wonderful, so expect to find her books full of magic, crystals, and mythical beings. Whilst working on the second book in this series, Lynne also holds a full time job and enjoys spending time with her family.

tour info

Huge thanks to the ladies at Love Books Tours for inviting me on to this tour, and to Lynne for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

I will be back soon lovelies – in the meantime, go and buy this!!

Chelle x

Please note this post contains Amazon affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase this book through these link, I will receive a small payment (at no additional cost to you).  This is the only form of monetisation on my blog so every little helps and is appreciated.

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