Happy Monday wonderful people.  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today I’m delighted to bring you a review of Bad People by Craig Wallwork.  This is fantastic – a dark and gritty British thriller that had me hooked, wanting more and completely in shock!!

the blurb

THREE MISSING CHILDREN. Over the past three years, the quiet Yorkshire village of Stormer Hill has lost three of its children. No bodies were ever discovered. No evidence found. No witnesses.

THE WRITER. Struggling to find inspiration for his new novel, celebrated crime author, and ex-police officer, Alex Palmer, believes the story of the missing children could end his writer’s block, but is he prepared for the story that’s about to develop?

THE DETECTIVE. Tom Nolan, a seasoned detective and loner involved in finding each missing child. Nolan is tasked with chaperoning Palmer and walking through each case. But as both men revisit the past, and dig deeper, neither are prepared for the chilling discovery to why the children were taken.

THE BRETHREN. A secret cult. Two men, and a series of brutal and unimaginable murders spanning over seven years with one intention; to show the world that death can be justified if it’s for a greater good.

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my review

Stormer Hill has had three children disappear over the last three years, and writer Alex Palmer believes that the story may help him produce his next best-selling novel.  When he meets with Tom Nolan, the detective in charge of the disappearances he delves in to the case.  But when the villages reaction to Palmer is far from warm, he decides to cut his losses and return to London.  But then another child goes missing……..and Palmer finds himself deeper involved than expected……

Nolan is trying to investigate but has come up with nothing – no bodies, no forensics, nothing.  But then when another little girl goes missing and a few potential witnesses come forward, Nolan realises he might have a lead.  But what he uncovers is a tangled web of secrets and lies.  Will he find the little girl in time, and will he be the one to finally stop these disappearances?

This blew me away!  Starting with a captivating, slightly gory first chapter Wallwork reels you in and doesn’t let you go.  There were some absolutely mind-blowing twists in this – I think at one point I might have even said ‘WHAT’ out loud!!  When you start to think you’re onto something, Wallwork changes the goalposts and you’re back to square one with Nolan!

In terms of the characters, I really liked Nolan.  I felt quite sorry for him in a way as he’s a loner, and has a secret desire for one of the women in the village – I hope there’s another novel and they get together!  He’s a thorough detective and doesn’t give up when he has a hunch.  Determined to find the missing children, and to save the newly missing little girl, he does everything he can to solve the case.  Palmer – an ex-police officer who has had a rough time, is a bit of a complex character due to his history.  He also appears to be a bit of a womaniser which took away some of the warmth I had for him.  I loved Gram…….(that’s all I will say!)

The plot is absolutely brilliant.  With tension throughout, the mystery will draw you in and the ending and twists will blow you away.  If you’re looking for that next crime thriller that you won’t want to put down then you should definitely check this out.  Highly recommended by me.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more from Wallwork, and hope we’ll get to meet Nolan again!



about the author

Craig Wallwork is the three times nominated Pushcart author of the novels, Bad People, Labyrinth of Dolls, and The Sound of Loneliness, as well as the short story collections, Gory Hole and Quintessence of Dust. He lives in Yorkshire, England. You can follow his progress at his website: www.craigwallwork.com

Massive thanks to Craig for sending me a digital copy of the book.  All views are my own.

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