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So on this beautiful Sunday, I’m delighted to be on this blog tour, and bringing you a review of Before I Die by Jackie Morrissey.  A psychological thriller with a sinister antagonist who will make your blood boil…..

the blurb

She’ll care for you. Until you’re dead.

Maureen might be getting on in years but she’s fiercely independent and smart as a whip.

But when she falls and injures her ankle, her daughter Alva is convinced Maureen can no longer take care of herself and is determined to get her some help – which comes in the shape of local caregiver, Dolores.

Maureen tries to say no, she’s fine on her own, but it’s not so easy to get rid of Dolores. She seems to be everywhere, poking her nose into every corner of Maureen’s life, implying to Alva that her mother is getting senile and will soon need constant care.

Maureen feels as if she’s under siege 24/7. And she knows in her heart that there’s something not right about Dolores…  But no one will listen.

Then one of Dolores’s other charges dies in mysterious circumstances and Maureen realises she may be fighting for a lot more than her independence.

Because once Dolores has you in her care, death may seem like a sweet release.

The stunning psychological thriller, perfect for fans of K. L. Slater, Teresa Driscoll, and Andrew Hart.

Publishing Information: Published in digital format by Inkubator Books on 21st June 2020

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US


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my review

Maureen is fed up of Dolores constantly knocking on her door.  After her daughter forced the caregiver on her after a fall, Maureen was hoping to finally be rid of her……there’s just something not right with Dolores.  But she can’t get away from her as she attends the Active Retired club along with Frank, who she also cares for.

When Frank turns up at her house late one evening and reveals his suspicions to Maureen, she can’t help but believe what Frank is telling her. But then Frank dies and there’s an easy person to blame – and it’s not Dolores.  Maureen sets out to try to uncover what happened to Frank and to make sure the responsible person gets what they deserve.  But is Maureen putting herself in danger? Her family won’t believe her and think she’s going senile; and then things start getting worse.  With an unlikely partner, will Maureen be able to uncover the truth without becoming the next victim?

This was a brilliant story that sadly could ring true to life.  Focussed on the older population and a care giver who isn’t what they seem, it did remind me of real life crimes that have taken place.  The thought of actually growing old and experiencing the things Maureen and the other older people go through is terrifying.  For your family to believe you’re senile and not believe what you’re saying when you know you’re right must be horrible.

In terms of the characters, I loved Maureen and her resilience and drive to prove everyone wrong.  But I also hated what was happening to her.  Michael turned out to be a character that, despite his flaws, really does have a good side; and should teach us all to not judge a book by its cover.  Alva, Maureen’s daughter, infuriated me.  She didn’t listen to her Mum at all and just dismissed her feelings and anxieties.  And although I thought Ross was a good guy, I felt kind of let down by him in the end.  And Dolores – well I won’t say anything about her and will let you make up your own minds!!

The thing that really hit home with this book was the reality.  In no way did I feel that it was just a story, and it’s creepy and concerning that these things do happen.  Maybe not usually to this extent, but the abuse of power that some people reign over others.  It really got me thinking about growing old, and having your independence taken away from you when you want to grab hold of it for as long as possible.  And the fact that these older people are given medication to help them, but actually it just zones them out and doesn’t allow them to live the life they want.  These are all things that do happen in our society sadly.

Overall this was an enjoyable, thought provoking novel.  Morrissey did a brilliant job of building the tension up right until the last minute and I was literally on the edge of my seat and concerned about the outcome. The twists and turns in it weren’t big bangs, but subtle hints that made it more sinister.  If you’re looking for your next easy to read, could be real life, psychological thriller that will get your thinking and stay with you once you’ve finished it, then this could be for you!  Recommended by me,



about the author

Jackie Morrissey lives in County Dublin and worked for many years in adult education. Her job took her into colleges and prisons all around Ireland, and introduced her to a range of interesting people. She loved the buzz of teaching, but came to hate the tyranny of correcting assignments. She has written throughout her adult life and has had many short stories published, one of which won the Molly Keane Short Story award. She has also been a regular contributor of short pieces for the Irish radio program Sunday Miscellany. About four years ago, she took the decision to write full time.  The psychological thriller Before I Die is her first published novel.

BEFORE I DIE is Jackie’s debut novel and her first published with Inkubator Books.

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Thanks to Emma for inviting me on to the tour, and to the author and Inkubator Books for providing me with.a copy of the book in return for an honest review.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a lovely day, whatever you’re up to lovelies.

Chelle x

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