I’ve had this book sitting on my TBR for too long and am so happy that I’ve finally read it! I read Book 1 of the Wardens of the Black Heart Series, Monkey Arkwright by Rob Campbell last year, and was eagerly awaiting book 2 – Black Hearts Rising…..and now I can’t wait for Book 3!!!

the blurb

Darkness descends on the town of Culverton Beck, as Lorna, Monkey and Charles Gooch return in the thrilling sequel to “Monkey Arkwright”.

The Frenchman, one of three works of art rumoured to possess the power to change fate on a global scale, is safely tucked away in the vault of millionaire Lester Hawkstone. After playing their part in keeping it from the clutches of a shadowy organisation known as the Wardens of the Black Heart, a sense of normality has returned to the lives of teenagers Lorna and Monkey.

But something isn’t right in Culverton Beck. The locals are plagued by apocalyptic visions, and when a horrific tragedy strikes the town, Lorna and Monkey begin to suspect that dark forces are gathering once again. Whilst working on Lorna’s college project, they make a startling discovery – a seemingly impossible message from history – that plunges them into the heart of another mystery.

Meanwhile, Charles Gooch is haunted by memories from his past. Whilst he’s had his fair share of luck over the years, it seems that fate is finally catching up with him. Feeling the heat from his superiors, he hatches a plan to steal The Frenchman and put the Wardens back in control. But Gooch’s shadow isn’t the only darkness in town.

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my review

I’ve been waiting so long to read this (purely my own fault) and it was worth the wait!

I wasn’t expecting anything less as I absolutely love Monkey Arkwright (book one) and couldn’t wait to see what Lorna and Monkey would get up to!

After helping to recover The Frenchman in the last book, things have calmed down for Lorna and Monkey but that’s about to change.  Weird going’s on are happening and some of the people of Culverton Beck are having apocalyptic nightmares….when one of them seemingly comes true Lorna and Monkey realise that dark things may be taking place in their home town.

We meet a number of new characters in this book, all of which I was highly suspicious of from the outset and some of them I was right to be (and some I still am!).  They get a strange message from the Vicar, dating back 150 years….but is it real? Is it really for Monkey? And how is it even possible?

We also come face to face with infamous Charles Gooch again.  As much as I want to hate him, there is something about him that brings out other emotions.  And I was so happy that we got to learn a lot more of his back story and how he ended up the way he is.  We also learn more about the Wardens of the Black Heart and how they came about, which is brilliant!

As always Lorna and Monkey have their fair share of adventures which won’t leave you disappointed! It’s like being back with old friends!  This time they’re even more confident and I was so proud of their successes!!

Yet again, Rob has done a fantastic job of leaving us on a massive cliffhanger and now I need book 3!! There are so many unanswered questions that we need to find answers to…..I can’t wait to finally find out what happens (please hurry up Rob!)

I am a massive fan of Rob’s writing, it’s such a pleasure to read and so easy to follow.  Keeping you thoroughly gripped with lots of mystery and fantastic twists and turns along the way!  I would also love to see this series made into films, or TV….I think it would be fab!  Honestly, if you haven’t read Monkey Arkwright yet, go and check it out now! And get Black Hearts Rising whilst you’re there….you’ll want to get reading straight away I promise!!  Both highly recommended from me!



Monkey Arkwright (book 1) was another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read from me.  Check out the review on my blog here.

.Thank you so much to Rob for sending me a copy of Black Hearts Rising in return for an honest review.  I’m hoping he’ll let me review the next one when it comes out too! 😉

We also have a spot with Rob on my Meet the Author series on 8th May so make sure you keep an eye out 🙂

As always, all views are my own and are unbiased.

Have a great day and a wonderful Easter weekend!

Chelle x

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