A gripping psychological thriller….



When abby’s doctor tells her she’s two months pregnant she doesn’t believe him.  She can’t be – she hasn’t had sex for over a year.  But to her astonishment and dismay, multiple tests confirm it’s true.

Desperately searching for an explanation, Abby recalls New Year’s Day – the terrible hangover, the hold in her memory where the night before should have been and the inexplicable sense of unease – and realises that this. baby must have been conceived at her best friend Danny’s NYE party.

Horrified that someone would have taken advantage of her intoxicated state, Abby enlists the help of Danny to find out which of the party guests assaulted her.  But, when she starts to receive anonymous messages, it seems that while she has been looking into the father of her baby, someone has been watching her……”


I really enjoyed this book!  It really made me think about how Abby was feeling as I’m sure many of us have had the odd night where we don’t remember much!  Just imagine finding out your pregnant, knowing that you can’t possibly be because you haven’t had sex and then realising that the one night you can’t remember in the last year is the NYE party which MUST be the night when you conceived…..but you don’t remember it so don’t know who the father is…….!

The story follows Abby trying to learn what she got up to the night of the party and who could have taken advantage of her in her sorry state.  I found myself accusing numerous people throughout the book, convincing myself that it was right each time and was still shocked by the ending!

Cole has a way with writing that really gets you feeling the emotions of the characters and feeling like you know them.  I felt the full range of emotions throughout as you also learn about Abby’s sister and the sad times she has experienced after losing her baby; trying to understand how she must be feeling too.

The is a fast-paced, exciting psychological thriller with twists and turns that will keep you turning those pages! Most definitely worth a read!

Deliver Me is being published today, 1st November by Quercus Books and is available on Amazon.



I would like to thank NetGalley and Quercus Books for providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Chelle x

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