Happy Sunday! Today I’m on the blog tour for THREE, a psychological thriller and am delighted to be bringing you an extract…Enjoy!

the blurb

Inviting a stranger into your home can be dangerous. Inviting a stranger into your life can turn deadly.

How would you feel if you discovered your death was meticulously planned by someone you loved? You didn’t know how or when or even why. All you could do was wait.

Emma has it all-a job she loves and a man who professed to love her.

Or did she? How could she be so blind?

When her lover’s car is found burned and abandoned in another state, the police come asking some hard questions. What she discovers upends her world completely. Jude had been living a double life right under her nose. A deceitful life, a treacherous life. Who was this man that had already groomed another woman to take over Emma’s life? A woman who was Emma’s body double and now dead.  

Why had she so easily trusted this psychopath with her heart? Betrayed on every level, consequences not of Emma’s making were nipping at her heels. Tick. Tock.

THREE is a gripping crime thriller that will have you hooked. A fast-paced psychological thriller that has been compared to the works of Dan Brown. It can be read as a standalone and serves as the first book in the Path of Deception and Betrayal series.

Where to buy: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

BookTrailer: https://youtu.be/nxVD9MOsLss


“There is so much more to discuss. Where do I begin? Russians are mixed up with Jude, this mess is connected to criminal networks, and I lost my contract at school. The FBI is involved. And get this, Cillian is an FBI agent.” I dramatically lowered my head onto the table.

Finally, she came to life. Her back straightened, and her chin jutted forward as she geared up with questions. Experience told me when she jutted her chin she was ready to attack like a mad rooster. It was best to surrender to her interrogation without a fight.

A slight reprieve came when the doorbell sounded. Still chewing the Boston crème, Eloise answered the door while I refreshed our coffee.

I was surprised when Jackson stormed into the kitchen.

He slid his keys across the kitchen table before demanding, “You, inside!” as he pointed at me.

Eloise stepped right up into his personal space and tapped her pointer finger on his plaid flannel shirt.

She leaned her head back to look up at him and boomed at him like a thunderclap. “Hey, you. I don’t know who you are, bucko, but you will not talk to my best friend in that tone! So, pull your shit together, or you can walk your ass right out of here. Got me?!”

It would have been much more impressive if she had on her $800 business suit and saucy five-inch Christian Louboutin heels. But the messy blond bun, leggings, and ballet flats didn’t pose too much of a threat.

His eyes barely glanced down at her and he coolly responded, “Eloise, you might want to remove that finger from my chest and back up three feet.”

“Yeah, and who’s going to make me?” she taunted.

“Christ, what are you, two years old?” he asked still standing his ground.

Oh no. Here it comes. Eloise geared up for a fight and locked on detonation mode. Her bun bobbed along with her head, and that was never a good sign. Assaulting an FBI agent would possibly get her jail time.

“Wait. Jackson, how do you know her name? Have you met Eloise before?” Now, this was confusing.

He granted her a brief second to step back, but she maintained her stance. Jackson pointed skyward as if God had given him the information.

We both raised our eyes to where he pointed, and we saw tiny blinks of red light. The cameras. He was watching us on the cameras. Oh my God, had they caught me naked or when I used the bathroom? This had to be against all privacy laws.

“Oh my God. Are they all over the place? Why wasn’t I notified?” I yelled. Soon I was on the move for a chair to climb onto so I could examine the camera. Unfortunately, I would kill myself trying to reach the camera.

“Cameras? Who the hell is this freak and why is he watching you on a camera? Has that bastard Jude got you into some sick internet porn where people are paying him to let them watch you all day?” she yelled. Now she was ranting. But she had stepped back to stare up at the camera with me.

“What? No! What are you on about with such nonsense? He’s an FBI agent. In fact, he’s Cillian’s partner,” I shot back and turned toward her to make sure she didn’t pull the device down to examine.

about the author

K. J. McGillick was born in New York and once she started to walk she never stopped running. But that’s what New Yorker’s do. Right? A Registered Nurse, a lawyer now author.

As she evolved so did her career choices. After completing her graduate degree in nursing, she spent many years in the university setting sharing the dreams of the enthusiastic nursing students she taught. After twenty rewarding years in the medical field she attended law school and has spent the last twenty-four years as an attorney helping people navigate the turbulent waters of the legal system. Not an easy feat. And now? Now she is sharing the characters she loves with readers hoping they are intrigued by her twisting and turning plots and entertained by her writing

Where to find the author online: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Website ~ GoodReads

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Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour and to the author and publisher for sharing an extract with us.

Enjoy your day lovelies!

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