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The great general Hannibal Barca is on the verge of defeat.  Victory will crown Rome the most powerful empire in the world.  While the ambitious senator Flamininus plots his path to power…


Only unconquered Greece stands in the way of glory.  King Philip V of Macedon’s mighty phalanx is an enemy Rome has long feared, and one that has never know defeat.


Demetrios has dreamed of fighting with the phalanx his whole life, but the young villager will soon learn that, in a clash of empires, you’re only ever on swing of a sword away from death – or entering legend.

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my review….

This is an action packed, thrilling historical novel that truly immerses you in the the story.  As an archaeology student, I love history and the Roman era is one of my favourites – despite how absolutely brutal they were!  This novel is throughly researched and is extremely well written.

Being told from two sides, that of the Romans and the Macedonian King Philip V, you experience both sides of the battles and the reasoning behind them.  But we also meet some of the soldiers who play a major role in this story.  As always, you have the thoroughly nasty, horrible people but then the nicer one’s that you grow to love.  This was the case for me, so much so that I didn’t know which side I wanted to win…..I didn’t want any of them to die and spent the second half of the book worrying about each of my favourites!

As you would (or should!) expect in a novel about the Romans, there are some brutal and graphic scenes described which may be upsetting to some.  Again, nothing less than you would expect from the Roman’s so if that side of history isn’t your thing, then this may not be for you!

However, as I said this book is so well written, and the descriptions of the places, people and battles are fantastic.  There are a few illustrated maps at the beginning of the book to help you get your bearings and to follow the story; as well as a glossary at the end.  I’ve watched a lot of Roman documentaries and this book was so well described that it fully came to life in my head…..just like I was there, watching each and every second.

I’ve not read anything by this author before, but I’ll most definitely be purchasing some when I was my historical fiction fix!  This is the first in a series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they others bring!  If you’re a fan of historical fiction, or the Roman’s I definitely recommend checking this out!



about the author….

Kenya born, Irish by blood and UK resident, Ben Kane’s passion for history has seen him change career from veterinary medicine to writing, and taken him to more than 60 countries, and all seven continents.  During his travels and subsequent research, including walking hundreds of miles in complete Roman military gear, he has learned much about the Romans and they way they lived.

Nine of his eleven novels have been Sunday Times top ten bestsellers, and his books are published in twelve languages; a million copies sold worldwide.  In 2016, his research was recognised by Bristol University with an honorary Doctor of Letters degree and he is a regular speaker at schools and history festivals around the country, as well as being an official guide for Andante Travels.

Kane lives in Somerset with his wife and children, where he writes full time.

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