Happy (very hot!) Tuesday! Today I’m bringing you a review on the blog tour for Duality by K. J. McGillick – a brilliant, fast paced, gripping legal thriller….

the blurb

Two sides of the same coin. Completely alike. Completely different.

What started out as a normal art restoration project for Melinda Martin soon took on a life of its own. Could this unusual painting actually be a Botticelli masterpiece thought to have perished as part of Savonarola’s Bonfire of the Vanities? Had Melinda’s friend, Lana, a well-known art picker inadvertently acquired stolen art; art that might have ties to the occult and worth millions? Did a bad business decision endanger everyone who touched this potential treasure?

When the painting disappears and both women are found dead, the police think it’s an open and shut case. The husband – it’s always the husband. He had means, motive, and opportunity, and acted strangely cold after the fact.  

Is it a case of mistaken identity? Does a secret relationship put Mr. Martin in the crosshairs of an assassin sent to retrieve the painting? Or is he really a sociopath forger with mysterious ties to the Vatican?

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my review

This was fantastic, complex and gripping from start to finish.

Mr Martin arrives at his ex-wife’s house to find her dead – but before he calls the police, he calls his colleagues who are part of a legal team for advice first.  What unravels is that his ex-wife was restoring a painting that is rumoured to be a rare painting that has never been recorded or found in the art world; and would be worth millions of dollars.  But then Mr Martin, who is involved in the restoration of art, finds one of his other colleagues from the art world dead……is there more to this than there seems?

It’s a race against time for Mary and Dalia to prove Mr Martin innocent – the husband is always the first to be blamed in murder cases, and now that one of his other art colleagues has turned up dead – it’s not looking promising for him.  But as they go about trying to find evidence to prove his innocence….they find more and more than make him look guilty.

I’m not saying any more on this as I don’t want to give the plot away – which was fantastic!  There were twists and turns all the way through, and despite what Mary and Dalia find you’re still not sure what’s going on (in a good way!).  You’re literally on the edge of your seat all the way through!

This is book 5 in the Lie and Misdirection series, and was the first one I’ve read, and going by this I’ll definitely be searching out the first four!  You don’t need to have read the first four.  There are references to previous cases which just make it more intriguing! This has everything you’d want in a thriller, and it really reminded me of ‘The Da Vinci Code’.  I could honestly see this as a film and it would be fantastic!

Mary is a straight talking, to the point 90 year old who is still working!  I loved how she was so straight up and really doesn’t take any crap, but at the same time really does need to reign herself in a bit! Dalia and the other characters are also brilliant!

Honestly can’t add any more praise to this, I was completely and utterly hooked and didn’t want to put it down!  This one comes highly recommended by me!



about the atuhor

K. J. McGillick was born in New York and once she started to walk she never stopped running. But that’s what New Yorker’s do. Right? A Registered Nurse, a lawyer now author.

As she evolved so did her career choices. After completing her graduate degree in nursing, she spent many years in the university setting sharing the dreams of the enthusiastic nursing students she taught. After twenty rewarding years in the medical field she attended law school and has spent the last twenty-four years as an attorney helping people navigate the turbulent waters of the legal system. Not an easy feat. And now? Now she is sharing the characters she loves with readers hoping they are intrigued by her twisting and turning plots and entertained by her writing

Where to find Kathleen online: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Website ~ GoodReads

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Many thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour and to K. J. McGillick and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Have a wonderful day my lovelies, and stay safe in this heat.

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