I’m absolutely delighted to have been asked by the author to take part in the blog tour for the most recent book in The Kent Fisher Mysteries…..No Mercy.  And not only am I taking part, but I’m opening the tour (eek!) So without delay, here’s the blurb and my review for No Mercy – another fantastic murder mystery by Robert Crouch that you won’t want to put down…..

the blurb

When justice lets you down, what’s left?


Highways Inspector, Derek Forster, couldn’t go on after the death of his wife.  Even though he had a secret lover, he took his own life.  Or did he?


Samson Capote, the restauranteur from hell, brutally attacked and left to die in a deep freezer.  Did he antagonise too many people, or was he sharing Forster’s secret lover?


Millionaire entrepreneur, Clive Chesterton, drinks too much, falls from his yacht and drowns in Sovereign Harbour.  Why did he have Forster’s missing journals in his cabin?


When Kent Fisher becomes a murder suspect, he realises he could be the next victim of a killer who shows no mercy.  With time running out, can Kent identify the killer before the killer gets to him?

my review

It was fantastic to be back with Kent again to see what he’s getting himself involved in this time!

For those that haven’t read the previous books, Kent works for the council in Environmental Health, runs an animal sanctuary and on the side he gets involved in solving murders.  Described in this book by one of the characters, as a ‘Jessica Fletcher’ I think I’d be worried if I lived in the same town as him!!

In No Mercy, he’s girlfriend Freya tells him about a client of hers who has recently died.  Written off as a suicide, Freya isn’t convinced – there is no way he would leave his dog behind……but the police aren’t having any of it.  Kent calls in his mate DI Ashley Goodman and she tells him to find some evidence before they can even begin to consider it being anything other than a suicide.  Kent and Freya set off to investigate and realise there are some things that don’t add up…….and then someone else dies in an apparent ‘accident’.  A restauranteur who has been causing a scene for Kent….but how can a restauranteur and a man that works for Highways been linked? How? Is there more to it than a ‘suicide’ and an ‘accident’ and why is Kent in the frame?

As Kent, Ashley and Freya try to work things outs, more and more unravels – dropping Kent deeper in it and with no sign of a suspected murderer…..Will Kent be able to work with his friends to solve these deaths? Or is it too dangerous for him? You will have to read to find out!

This is another fabulous book by Robert.  His writing style is so easy to read and follow which makes it an absolute joy.  Even if you haven’t read previous books, you will fall in love with the characters and will feel for Kent (his life isn’t easy – especially his tangled love life!).  This can easily be read as a standalone – there is enough background information to help you fully get the story, but tantalising teasers to make you want to go back and read the rest!

The storyline will have you thoroughly gripped.  I was constantly trying to figure out who it might be….pretty much wrong every time!  As I said about the last book, this has a cosy mystery feel to it.  It’s not gruesome at all, but will keep you wanting more.  Most definitely recommended by me!



about the author

Robert Crouch writes the kind of books he loves to read. Books ranging from the classic whodunit by authors like Agatha Christie, the feisty private eye novels of Sue Grafton, thrillers by Dick Francis, and the modern crime fiction of Peter James and LJ Ross.

He created Kent Fisher as an ordinary person, drawn into solving murders. He’s an underdog battling superior forces and minds, seeking justice and fair play in a cruel world. These are the values and motivations that underpinned Robert’s long career as an environmental health officer.

He now writes full time from his home in East Sussex. When not writing, he’s often find walking on the South Downs with his West Highland white terrier, Harvey, taking photographs and researching the settings for future Kent Fisher mysteries.

Where to find Robert online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

Thanks so much to Robert for inviting me to take part in the tour, and for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Give Robert a shout if you have any comments/questions, and let me know what you think when you read this!

Have a great day lovelies

Chelle x


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