Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for The Spider by Leo Carew….an epic fantasy novel…..

the blurb

After the critically acclaimed epic fantasy THE WOLF comes THE SPIDER, book two in Leo Carew’s UNDER THE NORTHERN SKY series

A battle has been won, but the war still wages on . . .

Roper, the Black Lord of the northern people, may have vanquished the Suthern army at the Battle of Harstathur. But the greatest threat to his people lies in the hands of more shadowy forces.

In the south, the disgraced Bellamus bides his time. Learning that the young Lord Roper is planning to invade the southern lands, Bellamus conspires with his Queen to unleash a weapon so deadly it could wipe out Roper’s people altogether.

And at a time when Roper needs his friends more than ever, treachery from within puts the lives of those he loves in mortal danger . . .

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my review

This is the second book in the Under the Northern Sky series and I have to admit that sadly I hadn’t gotten around to reading all of book 1, The Wolf (although I have started it and NEED to finish it now!).

The Spider, follows on from where Book 1 finishes I believe and although there are references to The Wolf, the fact that I hadn’t read (all) of Book 1 didn’t detract from the story.

Lord Roper is on a mission to take over the Suthern lands having realised that the numbers in his army are dwindling and he needs to think about the future.  He sets off with a few companions to try to get some other, not well known people onside…..(I’m not saying more than this!).

He sets off on his mission with his army but when he reaches Suthdal he doesn’t find what he expects…..and that’s because there are a network of spies and traitors all over the place plotting against him!  But will he succeed? And how much of his army will be left?

I’m not giving anything away!  If you love an epic fantasy novel then this is for you. I love the fact that all the way through I could link bits up with history (which as a history geek is fab!) – for example the names of the Anakims, the legions etc.  There are so many different things going on – as well as Roper trying to succeed in conquest, there is also things happening back up North – it has you completely hooked!

Leo’s writing style is brilliant.  You can literally imagine the scenes coming to life in front of you (which is so important to me when reading fantasy).  The description of people, places and battles is outstanding and I can only hope this will be made into a film or TV series – I’d most definitely be watching.

I love the characters – even though they are generally out to plunder, kill and succeed – they’re still quite loveable! Half the time I wasn’t sure who’s side I was on!!

This is a fantastic book that you won’t want to put down – it’s definitely one of those ‘one more chapter’ sort of books! I found myself absolutely exhausted but NEEDING to read a bit more…..a definite sign of a fabulous book.

I now can’t wait to go back and finish The Wolf. Both books will be on my ‘read again’ pile without a doubt – Highly recommended by me! If you’re a fantasy fan, this is a series you don’t want to miss!



about the author

The third of four children, Leo Carew grew up in the centre of London, in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Inspired by audiobooks, he developed a late interest in reading and began trying his hand at writing soon afterwards. It was at this time that he also developed a sneaking suspicion that the city was not for him and spent as much time as possible exploring remote areas. After school, this led to two formative months spent on expedition in the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Three years followed reading Biological Anthropology at Cambridge University, most of which was spent staring out of the window, dreaming about colder climates. Obligatory time with serious studying done, Leo returned to Svalbard – Old Norse for “The Cold Edge” – where he lived in a tent for a year training and working as an Arctic guide. During this time, he revisited a novel he had begun at the age of 12 and began reassembling it in the considerable space offered by 24hr darkness. A reluctant return to London to train as a doctor and pursue a career as an army medic followed, during which time he completed his first novel, The Wolf.

Leo currently lives in London, writing, studying medicine and breaking off as often as possible for an adventure somewhere cold and wild.

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Thanks to Tracy for inviting me on to the tour, and to Leo and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Have a wonderful day!

Chelle x

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