Happy Friday lovelies! It’s nearly the weekend – whoop whoop!!  Today I’m finally bringing you the review for An Unsettled Grave by Bernard Schaffer – another absolutely fabulous police investigation/mystery/thriller which will leave you wanting more (and being very tired from late nights if you’re anything like me!)


Before being promoted to detective, Carrie Santero was given a rare glimpse into the mind of a killer. Through her mentor, Jacob Rein–a seasoned manhunter whose gift for plumbing the depths of madness nearly drove him over the brink–she was able to help capture one of the most depraved serial killers in the country. Now, the discovery of a small human foot buried in the Pennsylvania woods will lead her to a decades-old cold case–and the darkest secrets of her mentor’s youth.

“Nobody trusts an animal that tries to eat its own kind.”

Thirty years ago, a young girl went missing. A police officer was murdered. Another committed suicide. The lives of everyone involved would never be the same. For three agonizing decades, Jacob Rein has yearned for the truth. But when Detective Carrie Santero begins digging up new evidence, she discovers some answers come with shattering consequences.

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I was literally so excited to be back with Carrie and Rein after the last book!  I devoured this book – just like the first one, I ended up staying up super late (and feeling crappy the next day) just because I could not put it down!

After a woman gets attacked on a lone road, recently promoted Carrie picks up the investigation but is soon taken off it when her boss, Harv Bender, decides she’ll cause too much trouble! They’ve just had a call come in from a little place out of town after the remains of a little girls foot are found in a remote woods.  Thinking it will be a relatively open and shut case, Bender sends Carrie off to ‘lay low’ and basically stay out of trouble.

But Carrie – being the great Detective that she is, makes sure that it’s properly looked in to.  And in doing so, uncovers many secrets from the towns past…….but where does Rein come into this all? You NEED to read this to find out!

It was brilliant being back with Carrie and seeing how she was getting on after the last big case.  She’s definitely learnt to play the game better to get what she wants when it comes to her boss, that’s for sure!  And Rein…..well I still absolutely love him! And this story lets us delve deeper into his world and his past; discovering why he became the man he is.

The two books fit perfectly together, in the last one we really got to know Carrie, and Rein remained a mystery.  This time it’s Rein’s turn and I loved finding out about him – although I have to say it was pretty emotional.  The story bought out all my emotions.  I was angry with people in his past, willing him on at certain stages, absolutely gutted for him at points, and ultimately a bit heartbroken.  But now I feel like I really know him and I can’t wait to see what him and Carrie get up to next!

There are new characters in this that you will love and some that you will most definitely hate!  And we encounter some of the previous supporting characters again too – which was fab.

The plot is paced fantastically.  There wasn’t one second where I got bored, I just wanted to keep turning the pages and see what was going to happen next.  As I say, I had one very late night and finished the book in just 2 days (and I was working on those days!).  The author has a real talent for immersing you in the story, so you really feel like you’re by Carrie’s side investigating with her!

Bernard Schaffer is fast becoming one of my favourite authors when it comes to police investigations, thriller, action and mystery.  All I can say is I hope there is another Santero and Rein Thriller coming out soon!  If you haven’t read his books yet, then you definitely should – you are missing out! Absolutely 100% recommended by me!




*Photo and bio courtesy of Goodreads

Bernard Schaffer is the author of multiple novels, including the Santero and Rein Thriller series, and a non-fiction book studied at universities and police academies all across the United States. But that’s not all.

In addition to writing, he is a full-time police detective (active duty, not retired), former child actor (retired, not active), and father of two children.

He credits his “voracious love of reading” at an early age with inspiring him to write.

He published several small-press stories in the 1990’s, before attending the Montgomery County Municipal Police Academy. Since March, 2000, he has been a Warrington Township Police Officer. He has been a detective since 2005, and is a court-recognized narcotics expert and child forensic interviewer.

In 2011, Schaffer returned to publishing and released multiple titles as an independent author via digital platforms.

He subsequently founded a non-profit anthology with all proceeds benefiting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The anthology featured multiple independent authors, in addition to sci-fi luminaries Harlan Ellison and Alan Dean Foster.

In 2016, Schaffer signed a multi-book deal with Kensington Publications for the Santero and Rein Thriller Series.

THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT (2018), AN UNSETTLED GRAVE (2019) and BLOOD ANGEL (2020), available in hardback, audio, and eBook wherever books are sold.

Where to find Bernard online: Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads

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Massive thanks to Bernard and the publisher for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review, and for their patience! 

If you’ve read any of Bernard’s books, I’d love to hear what you think, and hope you love them as much as I do!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

Chelle x

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