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Letty Parker lives by her wits.  Estranged from her family, she sells pies on the streets of Bristol.  But this is a Bristol full of dark secrets, peopled with gangs, monsters, dragons and gargoyles – and by creatures older than time.  When her friend and stepsister disappear, when members of Jeb’s gang vanish, Letty is plunged headlong into a conspiracy where homeless children are being spirited away to a place where a terrible fate awaits them.  These are the poor and lost children of the streets whom no-one seems to care about – except Letty.  But what if a rich child went missing?  Would the authorities then act? Together, Letty and Jeb hatch a plan…..

my review

As a big kid and a huge Harry Potter fan, I jumped at the chance to read and review this book when contact by the author.  The book is aimed at 9-12 year olds (and I’m significantly older than that!) but I really enjoyed it!

Letty Parker is a strong female child character who is brave and feisty.  She lives alone and sells pies on the street in a dark, dangerous and scary Bristol where there are rival gangs and lots of dark creatures.  Her stepsister goes missing and so do some of her friends/associates so she decides she must find out what has happened to them.  With help from her friends, she comes up with a plan but what they find is scary and unbelievable……will the plan work and will they find and save the missing children?

The book certainly had me hooked and I read it over a couple of days…..I had to know what happened! I really liked the characters and Herwin is fantastic at describing the surroundings, scenes and creatures that we encounter.  The book will certainly have your younger ones hooked and cheering Letty on!

I’m looking forward to more adventures from Letty and definitely recommend this for those with children that like a mystery/thriller/fantasy.  If you get this for a child in your life, make sure you have a read first or read it with them….you’re sure to enjoy it just as much as them!



You can find this book on Amazon UK here and Amazon.com here.

If you read this, I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

Chelle x

Note: Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review. All views are my own.  I am not affiliated with any links included in this post.

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