Yet again, I’m thrilled to be reviewing one of D E McCluskey’s books……this is a very dark, disturbing and gruesome psychological horror..,,,

The blurb

Addiction is an affliction.

As you crave you endure sweats, irritations, sleepless nights. Your life suffers, your job suffers… your family suffer.

But you need it, you HAVE to have your fix.

Joe O’Hara is having a bad morning, and it’s just about to get worse.

A random road traffic accident sends him on the path to addiction. Crack is the only thing that can give him any relief from his living hell – but it’s a far cry from the crack you might think it is.

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my review

This is a totally dark and gruesome psychological horror!

Joe is on his way home from work one day when he’s involved in a traffic accident……something that will change his life forever.  The change in him is dramatic.  Once a loving and caring family man, the trauma of the accident turns him in to a sick and twisted monster…..who will do anything to get his next fix.  Although his needs start off small, they spiral out of control – until he’s at the point where he can’t face it anymore.  But will he be able to stop, or will it all end in blood and tears?

Paula is a Detective and is called to investigate the deaths of a number of missing prostitutes.  Not getting anywhere, she goes undercover but will she find out what’s happening to these women?

Firstly, this story will have you hooked.  It’s completely gripping as you want to know what Joe will get up to next.  You also fall in love with Paula and her family and really want her to find the person who’s responsible for people going missing….

Potential reader warning:

I do have to say that I found some of this REALLY disturbing.  It is very graphic in terms of the details and there is graphic animal cruelty involved.  If I’m honest I did get to a point where I didn’t think I’d be able to finish it, as I couldn’t bring myself to read about anymore animals getting harmed.  But I contacted Dave and he told me I was past the worst of it….so I carried on and I’m glad I did.  The overall story is fantastic and the ending is rather ironic.

I would say though that if you don’t want to read about animal cruelty then this definitely isn’t the book for you.  If you’re willing to give it a go, you get about a third of the way through and there are no more animals getting hurt….only people.  So it really depends on your own personal views.

In light of that I’m giving this 3/4 stars.  3 because I won’t read it again – I can’t put myself through it! 4 because the storyline is really good and will honestly have you hooked.

This is another well written but truly gruesome story from Dave looking at how addiction affects people and how it can quickly escalate.  If you’re a fan of horror and a bit of gore, and can handle the fact that this is very dark – then this could definitely be for you.




Dave McCluskey is a writer of novels, graphic novels and comics, currently living in Liverpool with his daughter. 

He began writing in 2011, creating his first comic publication entitled Interesting Tymes. This is an anthology of short horror stories written in rhyme for children and adults, introducing the world to Edward D’Ammage. The first book was quickly followed by Interesting Tymes x 2 and the spin off series called Edward D’Ammage Presents: The Wedding. 

Dave then moved on to more adult related fiction, bringing out the one shot Wooden Heart, followed by the full graphic novel Doppelganger. 

He then moved on to produce a number of comics and graphic novels, including The Few, a zombie series, DeathDay Presents, a graphic novel comedy based in Hell, Three Days in the City, The Adventures of Mace Masoch and many more. He has written and produced a full graphic novel for children entitled OLF, a clever twist on an old Christmas tale. Spurred on by this, he partnered up with artist Joe Matthews and they produced a retelling of the classic Christmas tale A Christmas Carol, re-writing it completely in rhyme. 

Dave then turned his sights onto writing novels. His debut novel The Twelve was released in 2017 to great reviews. This was followed by a collaboration with a local Liverpool music historian, to produce a historical thriller called In The Mood… For Murder, based in Liverpool in 1946. 

Dave’s next novel was a dark, brutal psychological horror entitled CRACK, which tackles the issues of PTSD and addiction.

His latest novel is a romance/horror/comedy crossover called Z: A Love Story. 

His future works will include horrors, thrillers, children’s books and YA adventures. He refuses to be pigeon-holed…


Thanks so much to Dave for sharing the story with me, and providing me with a copy of The Twelve in return for an honest review.  All views are my own and are unbiased.

If you’ve read this too, I’d love to hear what you thought!

Have a wonderful evening!

Chelle x

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