This is something a little bit different to my normal posts…..a book review!  I was sent this book a while ago by the author to read and review but it’s taken me a while to post.  Apologies to Kirstie; the flu and general life has got in the way.  Without further ado though, let me tell you about this fab book!

Title: Daisy Chain
Author: Kirstie Malone
The synopsis

Road trips, house parties, Tequila Tuesdays, dreams for their futures; a fun, loveable force to be reckoned with.  No-one by each other.

Sirens, blood, tears, police tape, a crime scene.  Broken hearts and a broken bond.  Sad goodbyes and words they thought they’d never say.  One by one, until there was nothing left….

When Karen, Jason, Jessica, Bradley and Veronica find themselves back together after twenty years apart, some are more keen than others to fix their broken bond but as secrets and lies are revealed about their University days and life since they split, the group are left in pieces.  Can they fix their damaged friendship or was the reunion party the beginning of the end?

About Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain is a thriller that literally makes you want to keep reading! Despite the fact it’s taken me so long to write this review, I actually read the whole book in two sittings (and would have done it in one if I didn’t have work the next day and needed sleep!).

As you can see from the synopsis, the story revolves around five friends – Karen, Jason, Jessica, Bradley and Veronica.  The chapters weave between each person so you get to know their individual story and viewpoints; and also weaves between the present day and their uni days.  The characters are believable and I found myself really getting behind some of them (I’m not giving anything away!).  My view of the characters also changed throughout the book as you get to know them more and discover the lies and secrets they are hiding.  I’m not even going to tell you my favourite character as I don’t want to ruin the story for you!

Daisy Chain is really gripping with some real twists and turns throughout the story, ones you couldn’t even guess, which makes you just want to keep reading.  I normally find I can kind of guess what is going to happen, but not with this book!  I couldn’t have even guessed the ending!

Would I recommend?


When I first had sight of the synopsis I was excited to read Daisy Chain; I literally couldn’t wait for it to arrive through my letterbox, and I wasn’t disappointed!  I started reading it that night, and my Husband didn’t hear a peep out of me as I was fully engrossed (probably a blessing for him!).

This is Kirstie’s debut book and I’m so excited to see what she brings us next.  Kirstie is a very talented young lady and I’ll be keeping a close eye on what she’s up to so I can grab the next book the minute it’s released!

If you’re a fan of thrillers I would highly recommend you read this!  Even if you’re not a massive fan, I’d still recommend reading this. It will certainly enable you to immerse yourself somewhere else for a while!

Where can you buy Daisy Chain?

Daisy Chain is available on Amazon.  It’s currently £2.99 for the kindle edition and £8.99 for paperback (available on Prime).  If you have a kindle…..get ordering it now, and you can be reading it in minutes!

About the author

You can find out more about Kirstie through her website or follow her on twitter.

If you have read this book, or buy this book, please let me know what you think too? I’d love to hear your views!

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Chelle xx

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by the author to review.  I am not affiliated with the Amazon link and receive no payment should you wish to purchase.  This is my honest review of the book.

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