Evening my lovelies! Today I have a book review for you.  Elemental Tales is collection of short stories, which span genres but with each short story focussing on an element……There is something for all here!

the blurb

Elemental Tales: A Multi-Genre Stone Soup Anthology — Exploring the World through a Tapestry of Elementals by [Felfe, Jeanne, Allan, Morgana McCabe, Roberts, Joseph Y., Murphy, Artio, Mitchell, Daniel, Rosser, Ferrell, Cabot, Avery D., Garg, Ekta R., Lough, Tammy, Black, Kerry E.B.]

Eleven authors…

    Multiple genres…

        A Tapestry of Elemental Tales…

Ride the high seas where one heart breaks and two others mend.

Find yourself on a supposedly deserted island and go on a quest to save our oceans.

Question the justice of life and save someone you’ll never meet.

Learn to believe in yourself and be careful what you pray for.

Beware of the greed that can burn you and go on a quest to another world.

Sink or swim, you’ve got to give life a whirl.

Whether you lean more toward Contemporary Fiction or to the grittier side of Grit Lit, you will find at least one story you’ll want to read again and again.

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my review

This is a fab collection of stories which all revolve around one or more of the elements.  There are stories on air, earth, water, fire and metal and genre wise, there is Magical Realism, Fairy Tale/Fantasy, Mythology, Contemporary Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Slipstream and Middle-grade Literary Fiction.  So more than likely a tale for everyone!

As with a compilation there were some stories that I loved more than others, but they were all good in their own way.  The descriptions within each of the stories are fab, and really help you to get immersed into the story, which can sometimes be hard when reading short stories.

Some of the stories really get you thinking about morals.  One the springs to mind is ‘Washed Clean’ by Ekta. R. Garg: an interesting story which really does make you question how some people treat others.

One of my particular favourites was ‘Windsong’ Kerry E. B. Black – a Fairy Tale/Fantasy that I completely didn’t want to stop reading; and the story by Jeanne ‘Born in the Sign’ is a beautiful, and entertaining story, of second chances.

These are just 3 of the 11, but they are all well worth a read.  If you’re fan of short stories, or are limited on time and REALLY want to read, or like mixing up your genres, then this is definitely for you! Well worth a read!



about the author

You can find out all about Jeanne over on her Meet the Author post!

Massive thanks to Jeanne, the publisher, and the individual authors (Morgana McCabe Allan, Kerry E.B. Black, Avery D. Cabot, Ekta R. Garg, Tammy Lough, Daniel Mitchell, Artio Murphy, Joseph Y. Roberts, Ferrell Rosser and Deborah S. Vlick) for sharing the stories with me in return for an honest review.

Have a wonderful evening my lovelies!

Chelle x

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind review! We deeply appreciate your encouraging words and hope we can produce more stories for you to enjoy in the future, whether as a group or individually. All the best to you!

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