This is an interesting, intriguing YA fantasy fiction romance that will make you smile!


A wise person once told me: There’s a reason for everything.

Sarah Shaw — pulled off a cliff

Emma Blackstone — shoved out a window and trampled by a horse

Mattie Williams — stung to death by bees

Cora Thomas — pushed in front of a train

Edith Young — impaled

Rachel Ellis — shoved off a boat

Lois Smith — hit by a bus

Muriel Walters — UGH…another bus

Lucille Marshall — involuntary manslaughter

Veronica Edwards — undetermined

What do all of these names have in common? They all died long before they were meant too, and they were all ME. If there’s any truth to that statement at all, I can’t wait to find out the reason for this!


I was excited about reading this but wasn’t entirely sure whether it would be for me……how wrong was I?!

The story follows Harmony, a soul who is sent to earth to learn lessons along with her classmates. The idea that ‘home’ is a kind of heaven state where souls live, with earth being the place they come to learn different lessons is very intriguing.  I really enjoyed reading about the different lives of Harmony, what happened in them and how they ended.  I also enjoyed learning about Artopia which sounds like an amazing place!

The characters were extremely likeable, especially Harmony and Kaleb.  Harmony is a really strong-minded woman and you can’t help but feel for Kaleb at times.  The story really did make me smile at points and feel the characters emotions – happiness, anger and frustration alike!

The only minor criticism I have is that some chapters, about two thirds of the way in became slightly repetitive (e.g. the use of sweet-honey smell or sandy-blond hair) which, although slightly frustrating, didn’t put me off wanting to continue reading to find out what happens next.

Enlightened ends on a MAJOR cliffhanger which means I now NEED to read the sequel, Divided, to see where it takes the characters.

Overall a great read from Billie which comes recommended from me if you enjoy YA romance!



Billie kindly provided me with a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

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