Good afternoon lovelies and happy Sunday!  Today I’ve got a heartwarming historical romance review for you. For Love of the Brave by Angelica Hart is a fantastic story of love & bravery that had me gripped from page 1!  This had all the action and tension of a thriller, but with an underlying and beautiful love story.

the blurb

In a savage world, only the brave can save her…
Harriet Palmer has lost all. Captured by evil men in the dead of night, her family murdered before her eyes, she has become little more than a slave.

But when she manages to escape, she runs as though her life depends on it – for indeed it does. Pursued by the same men who have kept her hostage, wounded and near to death, she encounters a man who will teach her what it is to trust, to learn, to love. At first she sees him only as a savage, a man who lives in the wild and is more than a little wild himself. But soon Harriet learns how much more he is.

Mohe is a Cherokee. A man who has lived among the forests and open spaces of his people, but who also knows the world of the white man. When he finds Harriet wounded, he knows nothing of her – only that she is hurt, and that he must protect her from whatever evils have come into her life. As he nurses her to health, though, he comes to know Harriet. To love her strength. To love her kindness.

To love her.

But the men who came for Harriet once are still on her trail. Led by a man who knows only hatred and blood lust, they will never stop until they find her. Until they take her back, and kill any who dare to help her.

Can Harriet escape them long enough to find help? Can her protector stand against the men who follow her?

Harriet does not know. But she knows that, for any chance at life and love, she must trust herself only to the brave…

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my review

For Love of the Brave is a historical romance, full of the action and adrenaline of a good thriller.

Harriet’s trying to escape her captors and has to make a tough decision…….the decision she makes causes her untold pain, suffering and near death……

And then Mohe finds her and rescues her.  On a break from the ‘white man’s world, Mohe is reconnecting himself to the land and nature when he finds Harriet.  He takes care of her and helps her to heal but at the same time, he starts developing feelings that he hasn’t had before…… Harriet realises that Mohe isn’t the ‘savage’ she had first taken him for, and that he’s so much more.  But what will happen when they return to the ‘real world’ and is Harriet really free of her captors?

Harriet is such a strong and amazing character.  She’s been through so much but manages to remain strong.  Watching her feelings change towards Indian people is so heartwarming too, especially after the beliefs she has had instilled in her by her Father.

Mohe is an amazing, caring and gentle man who appears to have the strength and stamina of a superhero!  The way he cares for, and heals Harriet is thoroughly heartwarming; and watching his feelings develop is so lovely.  He’s a beautiful and unique character, easy to warm to from the beginning.

The author does an stunning job of describing the surroundings – I honestly felt like I was there in the forest with Harriet and Mohe (and actually really wished I was!).  I could imagine the sights, sounds and smells of everything that was going on around them, with the story coming to life vividly in my mind.

This is book 5 in the Baxter Homestead Romance series although from looking at Book 4, it doesn’t appear that they follow on so this is perfect to read as a standalone.  I enjoyed this book so much, and was able to really lose myself in the story, that I desperately want to read the earlier books now!

If you’re looking for something that will keep you on your toes but warm your heart at the same time, in a wonderful historical context then this is for you……or even if you just want a bit of romance, then I’d definitely recommend checking this out!!



about the author

Angelica Hart is the pen name of a bestselling author whose books have sold over a quarter million copies. Find more about Angelica at

Massive thanks to the author and publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

If you’ve read any of the Baxter Homestead Romance series, I’d absolutely love to know what you thought of the others!

Have a wonderful and relaxing day

Chelle x

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