Morning my lovelies.  Today I am so honoured to bring you a review of Just Five More Minutes by Michael Ross.  This is a true story of Children, Love and Murder – a terrible tragedy that happened to Michael and his family and how they came out the other side.  Michael asked me to review this and I am truly grateful that he would trust me this – such a personal and heartbreaking story.  I just hope my review does this justice………


It was early one sunny January morning in 2005 when Jacquie, who was up to walk our dog, quietly lent down to me in bed, lightly kissed me on the cheek, and whispered: “Love you, see you later.”

Those were the last words she ever said to me.  We follow the events of that day, the hospital, the surgery, the police, the eleven month murder trial, the press conference, and where myself and my boys are now, thirteen years on.

What hints and tips I used to keep us positive, whilst rebuilding our lives and looking to the future.

my review

This book is the real and true memories of a man whose world turned upside down in a matter of hours.  The story is told as if we are there with Michael, as the events happen.  He takes us through the realisation that something is wrong, that Jacquie hasn’t come home; the hospital, what actually happened, the murder trial, the press conference, the memorial service, how their boys coped, how he coped and how they are doing now.

This is a heartbreaking story; it’s hard to even begin to imagine what Michael and his boys must have gone through.  We see these things happen on the news and always hope it will never be us or someone we know…….So to read this book from the point of view of someone that it’s actually happened to is eye opening – especially when it comes to things like the press!

I felt the emotion all the way through this book.  I cried for Jacquie, Michael and the boys.  I was angry for the family and what they went through; I was surprised at times; I was warmed by the amount of support and love that the family received from people they didn’t know (which restores some faith in humanity!) and most of all I was absolutely inspired by the way Michael dealt with the situation.

Michael’s priority through everything was his boys.  Making sure they understood (as much as possible at their age) and that they felt truly loved and supported, and able to explore any feelings they had.  His unconditional love for his children and for his wife comes across in this book loud and clear.  The other thing that is clear and thoroughly inspiring, is the way Michael dealt with others.  All around him people were falling apart, and he was the one giving them a shoulder to cry on and helping to pick them back up! All the while, looking after the boys and managing his own emotions.

It is clear that the one thing that Michael would want you to take away from the book, is that no matter what happens there will always be positives to come out of it .  For example, although Jacquie sadly lost her life, three lives were saved.  Michael is able to look beyond the sadness and bitterness and see the true beauty in things – something that others haven’t always understood.  He shows us that, despite going through such a terrible tragedy, there is hope and with time things will be ok, it’s all about small steps.

Michael offers some recommendations for organisations that can offer support to anyone who has lost someone, no matter what the cause – organisations that have personally helped him.  The book just really makes you realise that if a husband and children can get through something like this, then there is hope for us all.  No matter how hard life can be sometimes, and no matter what it throws at you, with a little hope, love, support and positivity we will get there.

I will not rate this book – I don’t believe you can rate someone’s personal life, especially something as sad, heartbreaking and tragic as this.  However, what I will say is that this book will really make you reflect on your life and the small things we worry about; It will bring out all your emotions; it will help you to understand a tragedy from someone else’s point of view; It will warm you as well as sadden you, but mostly it will inspire you.

Thank you Michael for sharing your story with me.

If you want to read Michael’s story, you can find the book on Amazon.  Michael also narrated the audiobook as well, which won the Independent Audiobook Awards in Kansas City in July 2019.

Chelle x


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