Also today I’m delighted to bring you a review of Keep Her Silent by Theresa Talbot – another fabulous thriller that although fiction, is lightly based on things that have really happened…..

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‘Do that which is good and no evil shall touch you’ That was the note the so-called Raphael killer left on each of his victims. Everyone in Glasgow – investigative journalist Oonagh O’Neil included – remember the murder of three women in Glasgow which sent a wave of terror through the city. They also remember that he is still at large…

When the police investigation into the Raphael killings reopens, Oonagh is given a tip off that leads her straight to the heart of a complex and deadly cover-up. When history starts to repeat itself, it seems the killer is closer than she thinks. Could Oonagh be the next target…?


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When DI Alec Davies is told to reopen a cold case from the 70’s, he lets Oonagh in on some of the details……three women were murdered and the killer was never found.  Then Oonagh meets a woman and gets a tip off about a terrible previous scandal that has been looked in to before – but her source has more information.  As Oonagh delves into the information she realises that this is deeper and darker than she ever imagined……

But getting involved in these investigations is dangerous.  Oonagh is still trying to come to terms with what happened to her (in the last book) and getting herself involved in this could be a big mistake…….

This is another spectacular thriller by Theresa weaving together mental health, unsolved murders, medical scandals, betrayal and police corruption .  Yet again, I was sucked in from the very first chapter – hook, line and sinker!  Theresa has a talent for grabbing you from the first moment and not letting you go until the conclusion, and always takes you on a thrilling ride.  With Davies and Oonagh investigating numerous lines of enquiry, the chains intertwine to reveal twists that you don’t even expect.

I thoroughly enjoyed being back with Oonagh and Davies.  it’s sad to see that Oonagh is still struggling from before and I really wanted to give her a big hug and help to fix her broken pieces.  But she doesn’t let this distract her from the investigation that she delves into.  Alec on the other hand, is set the hard task of solving the cold case within an impossible deadline, and it sees him having to face the unexpected too.  I desperately want Oonagh and Alec to get together – they would be so good for each other, so I’m keeping my fingers well and truly crossed!

Theresa covers some sensitive subjects in here, and gives us an insight at the end into the real life events that have taken place.  I was shocked to find out that some of the storyline really did happen – and that’s what I love about Theresa novels – she brings harrowing stories to life, and brings them to our attention so they’re not forgotten.  She also covers issues of mental health in the story, again an important aspect that we should all be aware of.

If you haven’t read any of Theresa’s books before and you are a thriller fan, then you’re genuinely missing out.  They’re dark and gritty in places, and you won’t want to put them down.  I read this in one day!  Highly recommended by me – I can’t wait to see where Theresa’s next book takes Oonagh and Alec……..




Find out about Theresa on her Meet the Author interview.

Huge thanks to Theresa for gifting me a copy of the book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own.

If you’ve read this, I’d love to know what you think to so give me a shout!

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