Sadly not for me…..


“Zack and the rest of the gang from The Comical Pub are back!  Strange things have been going on around The Pub of late;  paranormal-type things, ghostly sightings, like that.  Who you gonna call? An inexperienced ghost-hunter wannabe and his self-proclaimed “psychic” accomplice, that’s who. They want to make their own Reality TV show, and are hot on the scent of potentially Big Money, and if this turn out to be real……

But there’s more going on here than meets the third-eye, a lot more, and our amateur ghost-hunter?  He might just end up finding something more altogether real than he’d ever imagined possible, because something bad is coming, something really bad, something even worse than “reality TV”, and when it happens, both sides of the veil are going to be in very big trouble indeed.  Be afwaid, be verwy, verwy afraid……”


I really wanted to like this but just didn’t get into it unfortunately.

This is the second book in the series; I haven’t read the first one and won’t be sadly.

The story follows some strange happenings in town, which affect most of the main group of characters and is investigated by a ‘wannabe’ amateur ghost hunter and a self-proclaimed psychic. The story was ok but I didn’t warm to any of the characters, and actually found them quite annoying. At times my mind wandered and I found myself not concentrating and just wanting to get to the end (but not in a good way). There were quite a few words/sayings repeated throughout the book (‘and then some’) which was also frustrating for me.

I can see how the story and writing is meant to be humorous and witty but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe it’s my straight laced British sense of humour – who knows but it just didn’t work well for me sadly.



Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Have you read this? What are you thoughts…..I’d LOVE to hear them!

Chelle x

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