Happy Friday evening!  I’m so excited that I was invited to read and review this absolutely brilliant action packed thriller, Number Ten by Robin Hawdon…..this is one that you won’t be able to put down!!

the blurb

Unknown forces attempt to assassinate radical new British Prime Minister, James Torrence. No-one knows whether they were organised by business magnates, criminal oligarchs, or jihadist extremists, all of whom are threatened by his rule. What is known is that they are getting information from inside Number Ten Downing Street.

Paul Gunter, bright young member of the PM’s staff, is arrested by MI5 in the middle of the night, and finds himself falsely implicated in the assassination attempt. He has to fight for his life against all involved parties, using his inside knowledge of Downing Street processes, and the reluctant help of senior staff member, Andrea Holt, to extricate himself.

Will the pair survive against vastly superior forces? Will James Torrence and his fragile government endure amidst the revelations? Will love win out against political intrigue? Suspense, romance, and high action ranging across modern London’s extraordinary cityscape and beyond

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my review

Paul Gunter works at Number Ten as a Junior Aide and Research Assistant to the Prime Minister…..a PM who is trying to make some radical changes that are upsetting A LOT of people.  Following a failed assassination attempt on the PM where Paul is present, and after MI5 realising that information is being leaked from within Number Ten Paul finds himself arrested in the middle of the night and what follows is EXPLOSIVE!

Paul has to fight his way out in more ways than one! But will he make it out alive? Who is the leak? And will MI5 be able to stop the plans that are unveiling?…….you will have to read to find out!

I absolutely loved this! I was sucked in from the beginning and as I read more and more, I genuinely couldn’t put this down.  It’s fast paced, action packed and you just want to KNOW what is going to happen next!

Paul is a fantastic character – I wasn’t sure about him in the beginning but grew to love how brilliant and resilient he is! Andrea also brings a bit of female power to this but in a more understated way.  The ‘baddies’ in this are believable, especially in this day and age too, and it does make you wonder about what goes on that we don’t know about…..

The writing style is brilliant.  You can literally see this playing out on TV or a stage and it’s bought to life in your mind.  You can even easily follow the geography of this all so it really does bring it to life.  I loved getting an insight into Number Ten and wonder if this is really what it’s like inside, and for the first time I wondered about all the staff that work there and what they do!

An absolutely brilliant novel that will leave you wanting more! I was surprised at the ending and sad/happy at the same time – it wasn’t what I was expecting at all but was a brilliant way to end.  This comes 100% recommended by me.  If you love a bit (a lot!) of action and a good thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat…..then this is most definitely for you my friends!



about the author


Robin Hawdon is best known as one of the UK’s most respected playwrights. His work has been performed in over 40 countries and has appeared on both the West End and Broadway. His plays include the controversial God and Stephen Hawking, as well as a string of well-loved comedies. He is an avid advocator of Darwinism (as evidenced in his novel, Survival of the Fittest) and the founder of Bath Fringe Festival. He has also been a successful actor, starring in films such as When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth,and was almost Sean Connery’s successor as James Bond.

You can find out more about Robin on his website.

A massive thanks to Jason Hewitt for inviting me to read and review this fab book, and to him, the author and publisher for providing me with a paperback in return for an honest review.

Have a wonderful Friday night my lovelies!

Chelle x

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