It’s the weekend!! This evening I’m bringing you a review of Played by Candace Dowds…..a brilliant and gripping serial killer novel….

the blurb

I’m a man who has two sides. The first side is sarcastic, devious, and self assured. That side can’t be rattled. But then there’s my dark side, the side that kills.

The police are desperate to find ‘The Silent Butcher’ who’s killing people across Hollywood. The Silent Butcher is the name they’ve given my dark side, the side that kills for comfort.

Yet, here I am, playing myself on a stage for the world to see. They’ll never suspect that the man playing the killer is actually the killer they’re hunting.

Irony at its very best – Desmond.

my review

Desmond has had issues in his past….and because of that he’s now a vigilante – getting rid of those who abuse others….

But to everyday people, Desmond is a well known actor.  Who gets cast to play a Serial Killer in a new series.  A series about ‘The Silent Butcher’.  The name the press have given him!

The story flits between Desmond and Detective ‘Sammy’ as Desmond calls her.  The Detective who is in charge of The Silent Butcher case which has been going on for years.  She’s drafted in to advise Desmond on the new show…..but will she realise that the man she is advising, is the man she has spent many years searching for?

This is a great story, and an unusual one.  I love the fact that Desmond is playing himself, and I love that the Detective has no clue.  Despite the fact he’s a serial killer and an arrogant so and so, you can’t help but like him; and feel sorry for Sam at the same time.

This is book one and I’m really looking forward to reading book 2 to see what The Silent Butcher, Desmond and Sam are up to next!



Thanks so much to Candace for asking me to review the book and providing a copy in return for an honest review.

Hope you’ve all had a good day and have a wonderful weekend!

Chelle x

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