Happy Friday friends! Not only is it nearly the weekend, but I’m delighted to be reviewing a wonderful children’s book, Rain Town by Andy Donaldson today!  Read on to find out why you, and any small people in your life might want to read this……

the blurb

‘Is there anyone there?’ he tentatively enquired at the shadows. There was no response. Must have been a cat he thought. His pulse calmed and he wiped the sweat from his brow. The young thief turned away from the alley and the road and once more urged his feet to move on. ‘What are you doing little boy?‘commanded a booming voice from the alleyway.

Sidney Rain is an ordinary man with an ordinary job in an ordinary town. Except for the fact that sometimes at night he dresses up as a superhero and heads out living his fantasy. But he’s putting on weight, about to lose his job and he’s generally not feeling particularly super at all.

Stanley Rain is Sidney’s 12 year old son. He’s an ordinary boy with ordinary friends at an ordinary school. But that school is being taken over by a local entrepreneur and is changing for the worst. And Stanley is not going to let that happen without a fight.

When a mysterious theft takes place, Stanley and his friends will need to turn detective to help save their school. And after being fired at work by his new boss, Sidney will need his friends to help save his soul.

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my review

What a fantastic funny and enjoyable story. This had me chuckling pretty much the whole way through!

We’re introduced to Sidney Rain, Dad/Delivery Driver by day, Superhero by night…….or not!!  Sidney’s starting to realise that he’s putting on weight and may not be cut out for his Superhero activities anymore! Then he loses his job and has to re-evaluate his life…….

Meanwhile, his son Stanley finds out that his school is being taken over and turned into an academy – something that him and his friends are not happy about, and they decide they have to do something about it.  They start coming up with a plan, but at the same time there is a robbery at their school – just another thing that they feel they have to help solve.

Whilst Stanley and his friends are trying to solve the mystery and figure out how to save their school, Sidney is rallying his unemployed friends together…….what’s better than one old superhero?! Three of course!!  But will the grown ups be able to get their lives back on track (or are they deluded!) and will Stanley and his friends be able to save their school before they have to wear hideous uniforms and exercise outside in the rain indefinitely?!

This is a story that not only will your children love, but you will too! I mean, I don’t even have children – and thoroughly enjoyed it!  There are moments throughout this that will have kids laughing out loud, and the whole story will just put a massive smile on their faces.

The way the author portrays the adults is so funny.  The children are much brighter than their parents and appear to make much better decisions.  Sidney is so embarrassing – I can remember being a kid and thinking about how embarrassing adults can be at times……the author has absolutely nailed this feeling in this book!

The way the kids are more mature than us adults would give them credit for is also covered brilliantly.  They want to be included in decisions and are devastated that there are changes being made to their school without their consultation.  As adults we might forget that/think they’re not interested, when they genuinely are.  This book gives us a good reminder of this.

Overall, I absolutely loved this and know that children and adults alike will love this too.  The storyline will appeal to all ages, and being a teacher, the author absolutely understands kids and what they’d want from a fantastic, fun, enjoyable and engaging book.  If you’re looking for something to read with your kids next, then you should seriously consider this – you won’t regret it (and you’re kids will be super happy!)



about the author

Teacher by day, Writer by night……

Rain Town is Andy Donaldson’s debut children’s book, and is ideal for children aged 9 and over, for parents too! He lives in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

A huge thank you to Andy and Troubador Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book in return for an honest review.  Also, a massive thanks for your patience in the time it’s taken to get this review up.

If you’ve read this to your small people, I would absolutely love to know what they thought!

Have a wonderful day and weekend all.

Chelle x

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