Good afternoon lovelies – I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday! It’s a stay indoors kinda day here in Kent as it’s raining HARD!  Anyway – today I’m bringing you a review of Saving Francesca Maier by Claire Wingfield …..

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Can you leave the past in another country?

Francesca Maier knows little of her father’s home country or her parents’ life together before she was born. A summer in Berlin brings the past – and its secrets – alive. Adrift in a foreign city, she finds an unexpected friend in east Berliner Antonio – but what will he sacrifice to save her?

‘Saving Francesca Maier’ probes the secrets every family hides and the choices we make in a volatile world.

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Fran is excited to be finally going to Berlin – the place where her Dad is from and where her parents met.  But what she doesn’t expect is the feelings that she feels whilst she is there, the strange behaviour of her Mum and the friends they are staying with, and the things she experiences with her new friend Antonio.  Will she learn anything about herself on the visit? Will she return home the same girl? And what secrets is she in danger of finding out?

This novel is a thought provoking story of a young girl trying to find her way in life and the relationships surrounding her.  As with most teenagers, she hasn’t yet found herself and has some growing to do. While on holiday she makes some questionable mistakes and struggles with who she is.  At the same time, there are secrets within her family that she’s not aware of and which could change her family dynamic forever.

At times I felt really sorry for her, she is clearly struggling and in that difficult teenage place but her Mum doesn’t seem to help much!  At other times, I just wanted to give her a good talking to!  She does some stupid things – some that could put her In unnecessary danger but she just doesn’t seem to think (typical teenager?!).  I found her Mum really suffocating but we find out why later on in the book; and felt really sorry for her Dad who seems to be quite controlled by his wife.

Fran is growing towards the end of the book and it will be good to see how she’s progressing in the next one – and also whether the big family secret is unveiled and what impact this has.

This is a lovely story and the author does a brilliant job of conveying the tensions between the adults, that you can actually FEEL whilst you’re reading.  She really helps us to get to know the characters around Fran and how they all bring out a different side to her. The descriptions of Berlin are also wonderful, and helps you really picture the scene before you.  Overall a lovely and enjoyable book!



about the author

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Claire Wingfield

Claire Wingfield graduated from her English degree at Cambridge University in 2002, and has worked in books and publishing ever since. She lives in Edinburgh, where she runs a busy literary and editorial consultancy, is mum to two book-loving children, and is writing ’52 Missions for Children’s Writers – (Learn a Circus Skill, Go Out in Disguise, and 50 Other Ways to Inspire Your Children’s Novel)’. She has also created the Complete Book Marketing Toolkit to help writers organize their promotional activity.

A massive thanks to Claire and the publisher for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review, and for their patience!

If you’ve read Saving Francesa Maier I’d love to hear your thoughts too so give me a shout below 🙂

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