Also today I have a review for you of this great little sci-fi short story, The Cleansing by Anton Eine….

the blurb

Advanced aliens have arrived to destroy any life on Earth and all the traces of our existence. Their mission is to wipe out any life in our Universe.

While unsuspecting humankind is not aware of deadly menace, alien invaders analyze intelligence information and get ready to initiate the cleansing protocol. Suddenly some of the data gathered disturbs those powerful unimpassioned aliens.

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my review

This is a great little short story that you will be able to read in under half an hour.  At only 18 pages long and written only in dialogue, this is an interesting story with more to it than just the story line.

We’re on a space ship with the Commander and the Analyst as they’re out on their mission to cleanse planets of life.  They come a cross a planet third from the sun (sound familiar?!) and the Analyst discovers things that they’ve never found before….archives, and records of day to day life.

Between them they discuss the findings and make a decision about what they should do…..

In this short story you will read about things that will make you smile as you link them with our world.  It will also make you nod your head in disappointment when they realise that the civilisation on the planet they have discovered don’t appear to learn anything from their past mistakes…..(again, sound familiar?!) The concepts and themes that are covered in only 18 pages are fantastic, and will give you something to think about.

This is a clever little read! If you’re a sci-fi fan (or even if you’re not!), this is definitely worth a go!



about the author

Anton Eine is sci-fi and technofantasy author from Kyiv, Ukraine.

After building his successful carrier in marketing, he decided to let his creativity writing fantastic fiction books to actualize numerous ideas he had in his mind for years.

Anton is passionate about food (and some drinks of course!), photography, animals (especially wild cats) and rock music. He likes embedding his hobbies into the fantastic canvas of his writings and to share that passion with readers.

Anton Eine officially can’t stand any limits and boundaries, so his books usually step out of the box of traditional genres, crossing the edges of conventional storytelling and blurring the borders of common thinking.

Author of superhero series “Maze City” and technomancy series “Programagic,” also known for short sci-fi stories “The Cleansing,” “Sincerely Yours, Lucifer,” “Plus Ten,” “Post-molecular Comfort Food,” “The Pyramids of an Alien World” and others.

Where to find Anton online: Amazon Author Page ~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

A massive thanks to Anton for sharing his story with me in return for an honest review.

Any questions/comments, you know what to do!

Enjoy your day lovelies.

Chelle x

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