Good morning everyone.  I hope you’re all up and continuing to eat chocolate for breakfast whilst its acceptable!  Today I have another review for you – The Lost Children by Theresa Talbot is a dark and gripping crime thriller which touches on some true events……..

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First in a gripping new thriller series featuring investigative journalist Oonagh O’Neil. Perfect for fans of Susie Steiner, Patricia Gibney and Broadchurch.

Investigative journalist Oonagh O’Neil’s instincts tell her when a story is worth pursuing. And the death of an elderly priest on the altar of his Glasgow church, just as she is about to expose the shocking truth behind the closure of an infamous Magdalene Institution, tells her a sinister cover up is in play.

DI Alec Davies is appointed to investigate the priest’s death. He and Oonagh go way back. But now they’re united in uncovering not only what happened to the lost babies secretly born in the Institution, but what happened to the young women that survived by vowing loyalty to one another… forever.

The doors of the Magdalene laundries hid the most harrowing secrets from the world – secrets Oonagh is determined to reveal, whatever the price…

The Lost Children is Theresa’s debut crime novel.

my review

When a Priest that Oonagh O’Neil, an investigative journalist, is meant to be meeting dies suddenly on the altar in his Church, she realises there might be more to it than meets the eye.  She’s been looking into the brutal world of the Magdalene Institution and the Churches involvement and is about to uncover it when this happens.  What did he know?

Oonagh, along with DI Alec Davies start looking into the death, and Oonagh continues to try to get the information she needs to do her exclusive on the Magdalene Institution.  Her and the other local Priest, Tom grow close and share secrets with each other than no-one else knows – but then things start to happen, and more people are getting hurt.  Who is behind it and what are they trying to hide or uncover? And will Oonagh finally discover what happened to the lost babies and the surviving women of the Magdalene Institution – and will she get her story, or is the price too high to pay……?

I thoroughly enjoyed this harrowing story and was completely sucked in from chapter 1!  The story bounces between present day and 1958, and the sad and tragic life of Irene Connolly.  But it was easy to follow and read, and I really enjoyed that I was learning bits from the past, to make the present situation make more sense.

The characters are fantastic.  Oonagh is a strong protagonist with her own secrets.  She just wants to uncover the wrongs that have happened to these women and is dead set on it, despite the costs.  She drove me nuts at certain points as I didn’t agree with some of the decisions she was making, but that only added tension to the story which was fab.  I love Alec – he’s brilliant and you can see how much he cares about Oonagh.  I’m secretly hoping they get together at some point!!  And Tom is also a brilliant character.  Again, with his own secrets, he struggles with what he should do and whether he’s on the right path himself.  There are also lots of brilliant supporting characters in this – some you will love, some you will hate and some you will be surprised by!

The storyline is gripping.  There are a number of stories going on which will have you turning the pages!  There are some sensitive aspects that readers should be aware of, such as rape, abuse and child deaths, but these are all important parts of the story.  It did make me feel really sad and gobsmacked that some of these things actually would have taken place, but really nothing surprises me with humanity anymore.

The plot is fast paced, there is never a moment to get bored! And there are plenty of twists in here, ones that you will have no idea are coming.  There were most definitely some OMG moments in here for me!

If you’re looking for your next crime thriller, then this could be for you! Recommended by me!

I’m lucky enough to also have a copy of the next book, Keep Her Silent, in the Oonagh O’Neil series so keep an eye out for another review coming soon!



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Find out about Theresa on her Meet the Author interview.

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