Happy Sunday lovely people! I hope you’re having a lovely relaxing day.  I’m absolutely delighted to be bringing you a review for Book 2 in The Wand Chronicles Trilogy – Elfistra The Sorceress by Michael Ross – another new brilliant fantasy series!  You an download Book 1 – The Prequel for free! (Details below!)

the blurb

A column of white light, a portal, appears deep within a forest.
It throws Hugo of his horse and he lies dazed on the forest floor.
Strange beings approach him as unusual sounding commands fill his head.
One of the beings points at him and a numbness spreads throughout his body.
The beings grab him under his arms and drag him back and into the portal.
Why has this portal appeared?
What does it all mean the Earth snd its inhabitants?
What dangers lie on the other side of the portal?

my revieW

The year is 2087………The story starts with the Prologue and us first coming into contact with Hugo Brough.  He’s out on a hunting trip with his companions when suddenly there is a deafening crack and a blinding light and they find themselves face to face with a pulsating column of light that has appeared out of nowhere…..but what’s on the other side?

Hugo finds out…… and what he discovers is a whole new world!  What follows is an introduction to lots of new species (good & bad), mini characters stories, space travel, unusual friendships, love, murder, betrayal and a whole lot more!

There are lots of fantastic characters in the story for us to get used to, but most are introduced at intervals throughout the book giving us enough time to learn about them and get to love/hate them!  Hugo and Allana are (of course!) two of my favourites – both strong characters who have to try and battle through some tough experiences.  Ding Ling is hilarious! He surely has to be any readers favourite character – fun, caring, honest and so funny!  At the same time you will meet characters that you will not like……Lord Brough…..I will say no more!!  Mandez….a creature that you, and the characters in the book will find despicable – but is there more to him?! If you read you’ll find out!!

The new world we discover along with Hugo is brilliant.  The descriptions easily let you play out the scenes in your mind and bring it to life.  The addition of illustrations at the beginning of each chapter is also amazing – this really helps us to see the people/creatures/scenery as the author wants them portrayed.  I also love the Elvish Script ‘quotes’ at the beginning of each chapter – these are all very real quotes that we should all think about in our daily lives.

Although this is a fantastic fantasy novel. there are plenty of areas in this story that will get you thinking.  Since it 2087 there are hints at things that could happen on Earth if we don’t change our ways/behaviour now.  There are also bits that, as with the ‘quotes’ are true to our daily lives, and are things that we should all take in consideration to make us better people.  I found this really gave me a little reality kick before I was sucked in to the fantasy world at the start each new chapter.

As I mentioned above, there are lots of mini stories so we get to know a lot about the different characters, helping us to understand them and their personalities.  You’ll find these stories captivating, and some are thoroughly unexpected.

There are lots of real life feelings covered within this novel – love, friendships, betrayal, jealousy, hurt and then there is the great bits of humour that will have you chuckling throughout!  You won’t be able to not fall in love with the main characters in this, and I honestly cannot wait to find out what happens in the next Book: Kia the Empath.

If you’re a fantasy fan, or wanting to look for a series where you can really let yourself go, and immerse yourself in a story, then this could be for you!!  Definitely recommended by me. This is one I will 100% be reading again and will be added to my ‘love’ collection!

And if you’re not yet sure if this sounds like you, you can go and download Book 1: The Prequel over on The Wand Chronicles website: www.thewand.me

Where to buy the wand chronicles:

Book 1: The Prequel (available for FREE via the link above)

Book 2: Elfistra the Sorceress

Book 3: Kia the Empath

Book 4: Eternity

Book 2, 3 AND 4 are all being published on 1st April (Eeeeek!!!).

You can currently pre-order this book (Elfistra The Sorceress) on Amazon.  All books will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

In the meantime, make sure you keep an eye on Michael’s website for updates on all pre-order links and any updates (I will be!)



about the author

It was a clairvoyant that suggested to Michael that he should write a book seven years ago. So he did and hasn’t looked back. Although a multi-genre author, his passion is for Sci-Fi and epic fantasy and The Wand Chronicles is the culmination of his imaginative and creative ideas.
Michael is an actor, and brings his skills from that profession into not just creating characters in his books, but making them feel as real and believable as possible.
In his spare time, he developed a fitness brand called KETTFusion which is recognized in the top three most popular brands in the UK and may also be found in three European countries.
Also a hairdresser, he had a number of hair and beauty salons in the North West of the UK.
He is also a ski instructor and hang glider pilot.
Where to find Michael online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Michael for sending me a copy of the book in return for an honest review.  And an extra thank you for my lovely magic cushion AND for your patience in waiting for this review!

Don’t forget to go and download the prequel guys!!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend

Chelle x

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