A dark, gripping thriller….

The blurb….

“A beautiful house. A new beginning. The almost perfect neighbours…

When newlyweds Jane and Alex Clarke move into an idyllic house on the quaint Bristol Lane, they are excited for a new beginning in what will be their ‘forever home’.

And when an elderly neighbour brings them a pie to welcome them, she soon becomes a friend. But she grows a little too interested in the couple next door as she sits watching them, day in, day out, from the rocking chair in her window.

Alex says it will be fine. After all, she’s a lonely widow who just wants some company. But when she invites Jane into her home, who knows what she’ll find there…”


So this is a little bit creepy!  The story is told by an old lady who lives in a house on her own with her cat and basically constantly spies on the residents of the only other house in the street from her rocking chair!! Sounds like a horror movie right?!

I enjoyed learning about the people over the road from her point of view and seeing Jane’s mental health problems spiral, as well as her marriage breakdown.  I felt sorry for the old lady throughout the book and it really got me thinking about how many people are out there, on their own and lonely with no family to visit.  As someone who is unable to have children it did make me wonder whether this might be me one day (only part of it!), although I’d have lots more cats!!!

The old lady and Jane have a somewhat tempestuous relationship throughout the book which is intriguing; I’m not sure I’d have Jane back in my house to be honest!

I did really enjoy this and it kept me gripped which a fantastic twist at the end! I did find it a little show to begin with but got into it and thoroughly enjoyed it in the end.  If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, then definitely check this out.



Let me know what you think if you read this!

Chelle x

Note: Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Avon Books UK for providing with a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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