Brilliant, well-written romantic comedy!

the blurb…..

Sarah Parsons is on a mission to find her former fabulous self, the adventure-seeking traveller with a massive bucket list.

Step one: Trade in her cheating ex – a.k.a the most boring man in the world – for a new leather handbag and a trip to Greece.

Step two:  Make her life bigger.

Step three: Try not to panic while completing steps one and two.

Humiliated after discovering her boyfriend withe her yoga bestie, Sarah breaks up with them both and decides it’s time to fall back in love with her first true love – travel.

She books the perfect trip to revive her humdrum life – ten days sailing the Greek islands on a yacht.  Salty air, blue skies, the quiet pace of island life, and maybe making new friends – idyllic.

But if one more well-meaning person says she might meet someone in Greece, she’ll smack them upside their well-meaning head.  Even the thought of starting again with someone new is exhausting.  It’s the last thing she wants.

So, what will happen when she meets not one ‘someone’, but two?

As the sails catch wind, Sarah and her fellow travellers explore the sunning Cyclades Islands, all while she finds herself drawn to the cute American guy who makes her laugh and shares her longing for a bigger life.  And when it turns out that there is more to a brief encounter than she originally thought, Sarah wonders if a flirtation with the silver fox could turn into something serious.

Should she dive into a holiday fling, embark on a relationship, or stick to her plan – steer clear of men, enjoy a love affair with feta, and find her own bigger life? 

Ten days, two men, one boat and one big decision.

my review

Fantastic!! I literally knew I was going to love this book from page one!  I really enjoy the way Barker writes…..if I were to become an author, this is how I’d write a book!

The whole story had me completely captivated and in love with the characters…..I read book one and two over a weekend because I couldn’t put them down.

This is book one, where we meet Sarah after a break-up and she’s healing her wounds by going on a ten-day cruise on a yacht.  Not only is the description of the places fantastic, but I was so jealous reading it, and really really wanted to be there too!  Sarah is so funny, and I absolutely loved all the characters.  She meets some amazing people; it really does make you want to be on the holiday with her.

I’m not going to spoil the story, as I highly recommend you read it for yourself but ultimately, Sarah, who isn’t looking for a man despite her friends and families insistence, meets two men,  A sexy young American, and a hot silver fox.  Both sound like absolutely fantastic men and as I was reading different bits, I found myself backing each one.  One minute I thought I was team American, then half an hour later I was full on team Silver Fox!!

There are lots of references to the 90’s which I absolutely adored, as they were all things that take me back to be a teenager!  I honestly really connected with this book and won’t hesitate to read it again.

The ending leaves you on a cliff hanger…….and I’m so glad that I had book two, I think I met someone, ready to read!  Otherwise I would have been straight on Amazon downloading it that second.  Look out for my review of book two tomorrow!!

If you want a funny, light-hearted, warming romance then this is definitely for you!

You can download the book on Amazon UK and  You can also check out Barker’s website here.



Let me know what you think once you’ve read this – you are sure to love it!

Chelle x

Note: Thank you to Sandy for sending me a copy of her book in return for an honest review.  All views are my own and I am not affiliated to any links in this post in any way.

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