Also this morning I have a review for you of Butterflies – the new, and very different novel,  by D E McCluskey.  There is no horror in this!! This is more romance/family drama/thriller with a great storyline that will pull your emotional strings all the way through……AND the cover is beautiful!

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Olivia Martelle has it all. She’s young and beautiful and has just had her fairy-tale wedding to the man of her dreams, the man who makes the butterflies in her stomach swoop and swirl. Life is looking rosy indeed. Then, a cruel twist of fate changes everything. After a devastating accident, every day seems to be a battle—with doctors, with her sister-in-law, with herself.  Her beautiful blue butterflies have turned to black.A desperate mistake leads her onto a path she doesn’t want to tread, and her life begins to spiral out of control. Will anything bring her butterflies back?

Published by: Dammaged Production on 1st October 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

Olivia is the luckiest woman alive.  She’s marrying the man of her dreams in a beautiful ceremony with the people she loves watching.  Her life looks like it’s set on a wonderful course with this man that gives her amazing Butterflies……but then there’s an accident and her world changes forever……

Everything she was excited about has gone.  And things are only set to get worse…..In emotional turmoil, she ends up getting herself in the stickiest situation and things spiral out of control.  But will she be able to gain some sort of stability back in her life? And will her Butterflies ever soar again?

I really enjoyed the storyline behind this, although there is quite a lot of sex so be warned!  Not being a massive fan of sex scenes (not that I’m a prude but they generally make me cringe!), I did struggle with the first 10% of the book.  But what I will say is that they are important to the story; they help the reader to understand and get to know Olivia, how she works and what’s going on inside her head.

Putting the sex aside, the rest of the story is fab.  My feelings for Olivia were a bit of a rollercoaster.  Sometimes I really liked her and felt so sorry for her, then other times I felt a bit cold towards her.  She has a lot going on and doesn’t always make the best choices! I absolutely love Richard although wish things had worked out differently for him (I will say no more!).  Aunt Penny is a darling and I absolutely loved her – I challenge anyone not to! She is an amazing strong and caring woman.  Angela…..well what can I say! She comes across as unlikeable, controlling and manipulative; I really didn’t like her at first but, a bit like Olivia, my feelings for her were up and down.

The romantic side of the story is brilliant.  The suspense kept me guessing and I was really happy with the ending…… With everything going on in Olivia’s life you do just want her to happy. and the accident has put her in a really difficult position. This will definitely make you question what you’d do if you were in the situation!!

The constant battles that Olivia has to deal with will exhaust you!   She continually has a battle on her hands with Angela and is regularly having to make tough decisions, as well as dealing with the Aunt Penny situation. She has so much going on and the girl definitely deserves a break!

As with other books by McCluskey, there is his trademark humour throughout which will have you laughing out loud or cringe laughing!  It made me wonder how many girls nights out he’s been on as they were scarily accurate…..ha ha!

Overall, another great book by McCluskey but a very different genre.  The storyline will keep you reading and if you don’t mind a bit of sex, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy this.  If you’re like me and not a massive fan of sex scenes, this is still definitely worth a read (maybe just skim the dirtiest bits!!).  If you’re looking for your next romance/family drama/thriller that will bring out a lot of emotions and have you laughing one minute and nearly crying the next, then this is for you! Recommended by me.



Thanks so much to Dave for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Once you’ve read this I’d love to know what you thought, so make sure you give me a shout.

Have a wonderful day lovelies

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