Firstly can I saw a MASSIVE Happy New Year to all of you!  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and I hope 2019 is a fantastic year for each and every one of you!

I’ve been quiet over Christmas as I had A LOT of last minute Christmas shopping to do, have been away with family and had an essay due yesterday!  But I’ve got a couple of books to review and will be doing some catching up over the next couple of days!

So on to my first book review of 2019 (the first of many to come!)

I was approached by Lee to review one of her books and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for allowing me to read and review this for you!

the blurb….

A criminal hiding in plain sight on campus.  A professor caught in the middle.  Can De. Ree Ryland help the FBI stop a killer before it’s too late?

Dr. Ree Ryland is an engineering professor who loves her job and plays by the rules.  Her life is reassuringly predictable – until an enemy hiding in plain sight decides her squeaky-clean reputation is the perfect cover to commit a crime.

When Agent Parker Landon and his FBI team discover that someone at the university has been procuring military-grade hardware by disguising it as test equipment, all evidence points to Ree.  After the FBI intercepts a shipment that puts Ree in the clear, Parker is forced to tell her she’s being used as a pawn by an unseen enemy.  And now she’s in that enemy’s crosshairs.  Ree turns down the protective detail offered by the FBI and insists on using her inside knowledge to help with the investigation.  Parker is leery of bringing a civilian on to the team, but he’s surprised at how much fun he has working with Ree, even as he trie’s to keep her out of harm’s way.

Parker, Ree and the FBI team find increasingly worrying evidence that someone is quietly acquiring everything they need to cause destruction on a massive scale.  Now, they must uncover the motive and identity of the killer hiding among Ree’s friends and colleagues before it’s too late.

my review

This was such a fun quick read with an amazing, strong female protaganist.  I loved all the characters, especially Ree and Parker!  Despite what she is facing, Ree comes across as so fearless and brave…..I’m not sure we’d all be the same in her situation!  Lee has a brilliant way of making you really understand each character, and you definitely get a feeling of unease around the less desirable characters.

The story is a fantastic mix of thriller, mystery, suspense, crime and a dash of romance….each encouraging you to keep reading. The storyline was so intriguing and gripping, most definitely a book that I didn’t want to put down.

Although the story is based around engineering, there isn’t too much technical information so it doesn’t go over you head, and really adds value to the storyline.

Calculated Deception is the first in the Calculated Series and I would highly recommend reading this,  I’m really excited to read the other books to see what other fantastic storylines Lee has come up with.  You can read them as a series or as a stand alone so definitely check out what else there is to offer.

You can find Calculated Deception on Amazon UK here and here.  You can also check out Lee through her website.



If you’ve read this or are going to check it out, I’d love to hear what you think!

Chelle x

Note: This book was sent to me in return for an honest review – thank you to the author.  All views are my own.  I am not affiliated with any links in the post.



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