I’m also delighted today to be one of the opening stops on the blog tour for Cannibal City(Detective in a Coma #2) by Jennifer Lee Thomson;  a gruesome, dark and gripping Scottish crime thriller….

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A killer is stalking his victims on Glasgow’s streets.  

Men are being abducted, kept tied up for weeks and force-fed, then strangled and their livers are being removed.

Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell has enough problems not least of all that his best friend and colleague Stevie who’s meant to be comatose is talking to him and only him. Now he faces his most bizarre case yet.

This time he has help in the shape of FBI profiler Odessa Thorne who arrives as part of a new Police Scotland initiative.

When a career criminal comes forward to say he was targeted by the killer but somehow managed to get away, Waddell hopes it’s the breakthrough they need. But can they trust this witness who’s known to be a habitual liar?

As they close in on their ruthless killer Waddell must look into a heart of darkness to get his killer.

Published by: Caffeine Nights Publishing on 16th April 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Waterstones ~ Book Depository

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When a local criminal comes forward to say he’d be kidnapped, chained up and released DI Waddell finds it hard to believe.   But then when a body turns up with similar markings, he has to think again.  And the thing that Waddell finds bizarre, is that the bodies liver is missing.  When another body turns up with the same injuries, it looks like they have a serial killer on their hands.

With the help of FBI Profiler Dr Thorne, Waddell delves into the investigation on the hunt for the killer.  But he also takes advice from his friend and colleague Stevie…..only problem is Stevie’s in a coma and apparently only talks to Waddell.  Is it really happening or is Waddell losing the plot? How many more people will the killer claim?

This is a dark, gritty and gruesome crime thriller that kept me on my toes.  There were unexpected twists throughout that kept me engaged and wondering what was going to come next! The situation with Waddell and Stevie will most definitely keep you guessing – I have literally no clue whether Waddell is imagining it or whether there is more to it, so I’ll definitely be reading more of this series in the future to find out!

There are lots of interesting characters in this, with their own backgrounds.  Waddell is a complex character, living with a lot of guilt; Catriona is a strong female character who will do whatever it takes to get a story.  Not the most likeable character but it’s always good to see some strong females, and I loved Thorne in this.  I’ve always loved watching Criminal Minds, and have read a number of books by actual FBI profilers, so thoroughly enjoyed her character and hope we meet her again in future books.  She is strong, intelligent but gentle and has an amazing way with people. The killer is a complex and twisted character, but one that will bring out a lot of different emotions.  At times I ever felt sorry for them!

The plot was dark and twisted and I thoroughly enjoyed how it played out.  There are some unresolved aspects within the story which will keep you guessing until the next book, and I can’t wait.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and will definitely read the future books in the series (and read book 1 when I get time to go back!).  If you’re looking for your next dark, gritty crime thriller or love a bit of Scottish crime, then go check this out! Recommended by me.



about the author

Jennifer is an award-winning crime writer (she won the Scottish Association of Writers Award for crime thriller Vile City, the first book in the Detective in a Coma series) and is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association. She studied creative writing at Strathclyde University. She’s also a feature writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Times and Scotland On Sunday.

She wrote the Detective in a Coma (so called because the detective in the title is in a coma and only the lead character in the series DI Waddell can hear him) and the Die Hard for Girls series of books.

A human and animal rights advocate, she wrote Living Cruelty Free – Live a More Compassionate Life which focuses on how we can be kinder to animals and each other.

In her spare time, she loves going for walks with my rescue greyhound Harley and plotting the perfect murder.

Where to find Jennifer online: Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Blog ~ Website

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Thanks to Emma for inviting me on to the tour, and to Jennifer and Caffeine Nights Publishing for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

If you’ve read this or book one, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Stevie so give me a shout!

Have a wonderful day and stay safe in the sunshine.

Chelle x

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