I know, I know……it’s not Christmas anymore BUT in December I promised myself that I would put up a video and do a blog post on the Ciaté London Mini Mani Month so I’m doing it…..better late than never!!

Before December 2017, I’d only ever had chocolate advent calenders (obviously before I was vegan!) and the odd candle one.  I’d seen the Ciaté London Mini Mani Month in 2016 and had debated with myself whether to buy it (obviously didn’t), so this year I decided to treat myself.

If you want to watch the video on my YouTube Channel of me discussing, and showing the polishes, you can find it here:


My first thoughts

I was literally so excited to just ‘look’ at my calender!  The packaging is so beautiful and on the back there is a preview of the colours you are going to receive.  I think this is really good because at least you can review beforehand and if you don’tlike the majority of the colours, you won’t buy it for yourself!  I love having lots of different colour varnishes so didn’t look at it for too long as I wanted it to be a surprise!!


When I opened the calender, I was wowed by the inside.  Each individual day is represented by a small box and they are all REALLY cute.  So now I just had to wait until 1st December……(felt like a lifetime!)


On 1stDecember I literally skipped out of bed to open day 1 (and I’m NOT a morning person!!) and was over the moon.  The colour was beautiful and I discovered that on the back of the little boxes was an inspirational quote. Day 1 said”A girl should be two things, WHO AND WHAT she wants” Coco Chanel.


What a really lovely way to start your day!

So what did I get?

Inside the box I received:

  • 19 mini GEOLOGY paint pots (which included 5 new and exclusive shades!)
  •  1 full sized paint pot on 24th December
  •  A limited edition sparkly nail file!
  • 1 nail topper
  • 1 long wear GEOLOGY top coat
  • 1 nail treatment

The colours

Sooooo many beautiful colours!!!

Middle top (clockwise): Maybe Baby, Big Top (Glitter Topper), Part Time Mermaid, Palm Springs, Moondust,What the Shell?!, Locket.  Middle: Limited edition nail file

Top left (clockwise): Cosmic Love, GEOLOGY Top Coat, Champagne Kisses, Superhero Nail Treatment, The Naked Truth, Moonlit Whispers, Roll Up Roll Up.  Middle: Show Time (Full size)
Top left (clockwise): Mostly a Minx, Beach Please, Afterparty, Midnight in Paris, Cabaret, Desert Lights, House of Mirrors, Reign Supreme
Overall thoughts

Overall I was really impressed by nearly all of varnishes included! There are a couple that I’m not so sure about and unfortunately for me, this included the full sized polish but this will always happen as everyone has different tastes!  HOWEVER, it hasn’t put me off and I will be giving them ALL a go to see what they’re like and how long they last.  I’ve swatched each one (which you can see on the video) which gives me an idea of what they’ll be like but their lasting power is really important to a beautiful manicure.

I’ve tried the nail treatment which has a good glossy finish but haven’t used it regularly enough yet to give you a proper thumbs up or down.

I’ve also tried the GEOLOGY Top Coat which gives a fantastic glossy finish to my mani!
So roll on Christmas 2018!!! I will definitely be buying another one of these and if you are a lover of nail polishes then I would highly recommend it.  I genuinely couldn’t wait to get up every day to see what beautiful colour I received and to see what quote was on the back!  
Once I’ve trialled the polishes I will put up a post to let you know how they last, so if you’re interested make sure you subscribe.

About Ciaté London

Ciaté London is a cruelty-free brand and is Peta certified.  You can review the ingredients of each product on their website.

I personally contacted Ciaté before buying the calender to ensure that all products were suitable for vegans and they responded to confirm that they were.  All their nail varnishes and treatments are suitable for vegans.  They did tell me that 4 of the discontinued nail shades: Raising the Barre, Prima Ballerina, Pliés please me and Full for Tulle, were not considered vegan as they contain silk extract.

I also asked them about their other products, as they now do more than nail varnish and they kindly sent me over a list of all their vegan friendly products.  See blog post here for a list of these products

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