Happy Friday lovelies – the weekend is nearly here!  First up today, I’m excited to be taking part in the cover reveal for Avalon’s Portal by Lynne W. Bailey….I love it, and the book sounds fab too!  All the info you need is below – let us know what you think….

the cover

book blurb

Nothing exciting ever happens to Arthur, and that’s the way he likes it. But when he stumbles into a magical world on his 13th birthday, the new teen has to put on his big boy pants and begin the quest of a lifetime to find his way back home.

With the help of new friends, Arthur overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles, tames magical creatures, and fights mythical monsters. By the end of his journey he has changed in ways he could never have imagined; he needs to get home, but the pull of Avalon leaves him with a difficult decision to make.

about the author

Lynne has been writing short stories and poems since the age of 12. She is currently working on various ghostwriting projects for a reputable publisher, however, Avalon’s Portal is her debut novel, published in her own name.

Lynne loves anything weird and wonderful, so expect to find her books full of magic, crystals, and mythical beings. Whilst working on the second book in this series, Lynne also holds a full time job and enjoys spending time with her family.

Where to find Lynne online: Twitter ~ Instagram

Thanks to the ladies at Love Books Tours, and Lynne for letting me take part in the reveal.

I’ll be back soon!

Chelle x


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