Hey my lovelies.  I hope you’re all staying safe and well.  I’m so excited today to be bringing you a review of Crimson Cross by Trevor Twohig.  I absolutely loved the first book in the Charlie Stone series which was set in my beautiful home town, so I was super excited to read this second book, which was brilliant!  A pacy, exciting crime thriller with plenty of action, mystery and a huge twist which blew me away…..And just in time for Book 3…..keep an eye out for my review on 15th February!!!

about crimson cross

The second novel in the Charlie Stone series…A dark, intricate network is spreading through Europe… Teenager’s murdered in draconian ways… Charlie Stone’s most formidable enemy yet…

From the backstreets of Hamburg to the archaic village of Grund in Luxembourg, a startling sequence of terrifying murders will push Charlie Stone to his mental and physical limits.

Incarcerated in Police Protection, DS Stone is frustrated. Despite Amy Green’s killers being brought to justice, a gruesome murder in Hawkinge is a stark reminder that the case is far from closed.

In an attempt to find the perpetrators, Charlie is sent across Europe before heading back to Folkestone for a final showdown with his arch-nemesis.

Will Charlie be able to keep his family together as all hell breaks loose in his working life? Will he be able to connect the dots before the murders start to become personal? Can Charlie keep those he loves safe whilst struggling against his most powerful adversary yet?

Publisher:Independently published (20 Aug. 2020)

Formats: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Purchase links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

Wow. I loved book one, Sunny Sands but this was even better!

We’re back with DS Charlie Stone who is holed up in a safe house with his daughter and girlfriend following the events in Sunny Sands, and although Charlie wants to keep his family safe, he’s desperate to get back out there and hunt down his elusive enemy….and when a gruesome murder is discovered in Hawkinge, he gets his chance.  But it’s not just any murder – this is only the beginning of something dark and dangerous……  With the investigation seeing him flying all over Europe, he receives some unexpected clues along the way, makes some new friends and gets himself in some ridiculously dangerous situations.  With more murders happening, and things getting personal will he finally get to face up to his enemy? And will they all make it out alive?

Honestly, I was on the edge of my seat from page one!  The storyline is fantastic – completely gripping and full of unexpected twists.  It’s full of action and danger with gun fights, car chases and more!  The mystery behind the bigger picture was brilliant and I loved how all the pieces of the puzzle came together into an explosive (and shocking!) ending.  I literally cannot wait for book 3 (only a few days to go for me!)

The characters, as before are fantastic.  Charlie is settling into his new family life with his girlfriend and Maddie. Despite the worry, he seems so much happier and it’s lovely.  He loves his job and is so determined to get the bad guys and do what’s right.  I love him so much and am thoroughly enjoying following his story.  He comes across as a really genuine character, and someone that you’d meet in your every day life.  Maddie is growing into herself and is an amazing little girl.  She comes out with the best things, and is a little breath of fresh air.  Dave is a brilliant, loyal and trustworthy guy and I adore him, and Rolf is a fantastic new addition.

In terms of setting, I loved being back in my hometown for a bit!  But this also takes us to a number of European cities including Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Luxembourg.  The adventure was brilliant, and I really felt like I was there with Charlie experiencing the things he was going through and the sights he was seeing.  There are some hilarious bits in this too that will have you laughing.

So overall another fantastic crime thriller from Trevor.  The action, danger and mystery will keep you on your toes and keep those pages turning.  I honestly couldn’t have guessed any of the twists which makes for fantastic reading.  Crimson Cross is a joy to read with fantastic characters and a pacy, gripping storyline.  If you’re a crime thriller fan then go and get this!!  You don’t need to have read book one to read this, but I’d definitely recommend it, just so you can get to know Charlie and the characters – plus it’s a brilliant book!  So completely recommended by me……now bring on Book 3!!!  (My review will be up on 15th Feb so keep your eyes peeled!!)



about the author

Hi, I’m Trevor Twohig and I was born in South East London. I was never great at school, except English. I would go so far as to say that writing is my passion.

Throughout my life, I have created novels and novellas, poetry and lyrics. For a large part of my professional career, I have been a teacher and Head of English as creating a desire to write in the next generation is something I believe in.

I appeared at the Folkestone Book Festival in 2016 where I discussed my journey and promoted my novel ‘Sunny Sands.’

My experience in education and journalism has allowed me to develop my editing skills also, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for any of your writing needs. I am available to work on a freelance basis.

Sunny Sands was released in 2018 and was the top seller at The Conrad Press. Currently self published, the first book was followed by the second novel in the series, released in 2020, entitled Crimson Cross. Currently I am working on the third book, which I am hoping will be available by February 2021. For further updates please follow me here, and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Where to find Trevor online: Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter

Huge thanks to Trevor for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

You can read my review of the first book, Sunny Sands here.  Go and check it out for a little virtual trip to my hometown! And don’t forget to check back on 15th February for my review of Book 3…..I’m beyond excited to read it!

Have a wonderful day my lovelies.

Chelle x

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