My last post of today is a review on the blog blitz for Eternal Forever by Syl Waters. This is a brilliant and humourous mystery that got me thinking about the online world and the pressures of fame……

Fame, glory and… foul play!

Jessie was a shop worker dreaming of the big time, then YouTube found her. But staying in the limelight requires meticulous management: pop stars are made not born.

With awards night approaching, the pressure’s on for Tito, Jessie’s manager, to whip her into shape. Getting so close wasn’t in the contract, but then neither was him being murdered in Spain.

Alone and scared of the negative publicity, Jessie turns to Mack, her account manager at Eternal Forever, the UK’s first digital legacy management agency. But Mack’s got his own issues: the company’s fast running out of cash, his key developer’s on the turn and a blogger’s suicide looks suspicious.

With the assistance of J-Pop, Mack’s assistant and wannabe reality TV star, Jessie turns sleuth. But in a world where everybody’s watching, it’s hard to escape. Reputation is everything and some people will do anything to protect it.

Published by: Eleftheria on 27th August 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

my thoughts

Jessie is in Spain with her Manager Tito for a gig before her first big career defining moment on the Friday, the opening of an awards ceremony.  But then Tito is murdered, and Jessie is stuck in Spain not knowing what to do.

She turns to Mack, her account manager at Eternal Forever, an online agency that promises to make a person’s online presence continue long after they have passed.  Seeing an opportunity to make a bit more money, Mack sends J Pop over to help Jessie find the killer and to get her home in time for the awards ceremony.  But will they find the culprit? Will Jessie get home in time? And what lengths will people go to for success, fame and money?

This was a brilliant mystery that kept me turning the pages!  As well as the main storyline focussed on Jessie and Tito, there are also some other story’s on the side which interlink.  And two main themes are very clear – the things that people will do to make themselves famous or rich, and cyberbullying.  The cyberbullying is such a real topic that is too true in the world today – it’s a heart wrenching story but fits with the overall novel nicely; as well as making us consider the lengths others go to.

As you can probably imagine with a storyline based around fame and fortune there are some unlikeable and unscrupulous characters in this!  People that will literally do anything to get what they want.  But then you have characters like Jessie – who it appears has worked hard to get where she is.  The thing to definitely consider with the characters is in this book is that not everyone is as they seem……

The other thing with Eternal Forever is that it will get you thinking about your own online presence! The things we post, the things we may have posted/written years ago that we wished we hadn’t and the fact that nothing ever goes away!  It’s actually quite crazy when you think about how much of a digital footprint we all leave behind!

But don’t get me wrong, this novel is not serious and doom and gloom! This is light hearted with some brilliant funny moments that lighten the darker parts.  Waters writing style is easy, fun and enjoyable to read and you can’t help but be sucked into the mystery.

Overall a fantastic story with a brilliant plot that touches on so many aspects that may be true to life.  If you’re looking for your next fun and gripping mystery then you should check this out.  Recommended by me!



about the author

Most people know crazy cat ladies are a ‘thing’, but I’m a proud crazy guinea pig lady! I love fun in the sun and plenty of cocktails. My happy place is flip flops. I write stories to keep me company – my characters ensure I’m never lonely and always smiling (when I’m not tearing my hair out!)

Where to find Syl online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Facebook


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Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour and to Syl and the publisher for gifting me with a copy of the book.  All views and opinions are my own.

Have a lovely day everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Chelle x

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