Good morning lovelies.  So I’m so excited to be back with a review today of the final book in The Wand Chronicles by Michael Ross, Eternity.  I’m really sad the series is over but I’m hoping for some spin offs!  Yet another fantastic book, I think this may be my favourite of them all…..

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Every several million years there is a phenomenon known as the ‘cosmotic shift’. Laniakeea will be thrown into turmoil; as will the now integrated Earthan dimension.

How will Queen Haruntha withstand the possible destruction and overwhelming odds that face her and her dimension?

How will this unsettling time end?If at all?

It is written in the elvish scriptures that a being that is well-known, and of high importance will die. Who will that be?

Will Elvina the wand be powerful enough to restore calm, peace and the status quo before it is all too late?

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We’re back on Laniakeea following the cosmotic shift and they’ve found a new species who are asking for refuge; and with them they have an aircraft.  At first Elfistra is suspicious of the beings and their craft so sets off on an exploratory mission with them to decide whether they’re safe to stay….What she doesn’t realise is that her decision will later change one of their lives for good…..

As with the previous books, this takes us on many mini adventures including the first Elf/Human Country Games (which are fantastic and had me laughing out loud!), a final confrontation with a returning villain, a trip into the fairy underworld, face to face battles and the devastating loss of one of the characters.  We’re introduced to some wonderful new characters and species, and are sucked into the wonderful, colourful fantasy world built by Michael.

Eternity, will take you on a full on rollercoaster of a ride.  I was so happy for one of the characters (who thoroughly deserved what happens), full of hope for another, happy and laughing at the Country Games, as well as at Ding Ling and his usual antics, on the edge of my seat when confrontations were taking place and distraught by the end of someone I loved.  The final chapter had me in tears, but it’s a beautiful heart warming and poignant moment.

As always, Michael’s descriptions are absolutely fantastic and fully allow you to see the story playing out in your mind.  He brings everything to life for us, and it’s a brilliant and amazing world!

Known for their humour, all the books in The Wand Chronicles had me chuckling, but Eternity had me laughing even more than the rest.  Ding Ling continues to be a comedy genius who will make you laugh and cringe at the same time, and you can’t help but love him!

Michael offers us the usual map of Laniakeea, glossary and phonetic pronunciations that I find so useful; as well as illustrations at the beginning of each chapter and the wonderful affirmations that I adore.  In addition in this book, are extra images that haven’t been included previously, which are fabulous and again, bring the whole world and it’s characters to life.

I’m truly sad that the series has now come to an end but there’s a hint in the author’s notes that there might be a spin off with one of the amazing new characters, as well as some appearances from one of the much loved Wand Chronicles characters which I really hope is true!

I honestly loved this so much, and think that it’s probably my favourite out of the series ~ purely because this brought out even more emotions in me than before.

Having read the whole series and having reached the end, I can truly say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading it.  I’ve been swept away into this amazing fantasy world, been on some breathtaking, fun and perilous adventures, have met and fallen in love with some wonderful characters, and have experienced some outstanding worlds and new species.  I’ve been shocked, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried. So if you’re a fantasy fan and have a great sense of humour, then you will love this series.  Most definitely recommended by me!  I’m just glad I’ve got the whole series on my shelf as I’ll definitely be reading them again in the future!



about the author

A successful actor and model for over twenty five years. Had businesses in the hair and beauty industry, was a ski instructor, and competed internationally as an athlete, and martial artist.

Much later on, he developed a fitness brand called KETTFusion, which is established in the UK and three other European countries and has received numerous awards as a leading fitness brand.

But it was a visit to a clairvoyant, who suggested he try writing, that put him on the path of becoming an Author, which now takes up most of his time.

The Wand Chronicles is by far his largest and most exciting writing project to date.

He has already successfully published the comedy ‘Memoirs From The S.B.C’, and a true life story entitled ‘Just Five More Minutes’, which has been particularly popular, resulting in TV, magazine and radio interviews, on a subject that captured the nations hearts.

Check out my interview with Michael over on Meet the Author too.

Where to find Michael online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Linked-in ~ Facebook

Huge thank you to Michael for gifting me with a signed, paperback copy of this book in return for an honest review.  All views and opinions are my own.

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Hope you all have a fantastic day

Chelle x

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