Good morning and happy hump day my loves! Today the first blog tour I’m on is for Alpha Stray by Johanna M Rae, and am delighted to be able to share an extract with you…..enjoy!

about the book

Title: Alpha Stray
Author: Johanna M Rae
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampires
Series/Standalone: Standalone
Estimated page count: 461
Formats available: Paperback and eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited
Publisher: Independently published (1 Oct. 2018)
Tour organised by: Zooloo’s Book Tours

Their dreams of the future never included white picket fences and happily ever afters.

Chase Honeychurch and his friends just wanted to establish their places in the pack, earn an honest living, and enjoy life. Betrayal from those closest to them never crossed their minds.

How can they make peace with losing everything? How does one start over, with a future they didn’t want? With family – and not the ‘blood’ kind. The people who have their backs, no matter what. They have to find those people and never let them go. Protect them. Fight for them. Because, the past never stays buried. They can’t afford to screw up a new beginning.

This time, they won’t run. This time, they’ll be ready.

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extract from alpha stray


The Pack Master looked me straight in the eye. The lack of compassion there left me in shock. A bad taste filled my mouth, as justice for Riordan started to slip from our grasp.

“Are you going to answer me?” I demanded. “My brother is dead because my parents cared more about what other people think and how others tell them life should be. Are you suggesting that’s okay with the Pack?”

“Chase!” My mother gasped in fake horror. “I have raised you better than this”

“Son, you’ve always been a ticking bomb.” The Pack Master hadn’t broken eye contact yet, and I sure wasn’t going to be the first one to do so. He paused then, probably trying to intimidate me further. “I’ve watched you lose your temper time and time again. Anytime a person so much as smirks in your direction, you react with violence. Look at you now. You want to hit me so bad. It’s taking every scrap of willpower to resist, isn’t it? Don’t think I haven’t noticed your hands clenching and unclenching.”

I couldn’t deny the truth, damn it. “No part of what you’ve said gives anyone the right to kill a person.”

“I didn’t suggest that.” The Pack Master’s dark eyes gleamed with satisfaction. He had me right where he wanted me, and I dreaded where he planned to go next with his accusations. “I’m merely pointing out that you are unstable. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to defend your parents’ honor when you’ve gotten yourself into fights. Can you stand there in good conscience and tell me your decisions to ‘rough up’ people who you believed to be doing wrong, is any different to your parents’ decision to involve a vampire?”

No… he didn’t just compare my indiscretions with a vampire attack. Surely, I’d heard wrong? Fucking hell, this could not have gone any worse. Mom and Dad had inched their way away from Thurman and I, choosing to seek refuge behind the Pack Master.

How could he take their side? He was meant to be neutral, to protect all members of the pack, not just his chosen few. They were going to sweep this under the rug. God, I was going to be sick. I could feel my stomach lurching.

The Pack Master, a man I had always looked up to, gazed down from his high horse, and sniffed at me. “Don’t have much to say to that do you?” How could I have judged his character so wrong?

“I’m sorry, Chase.” It seemed like such an odd time for my Dad to apologize. It tore my gaze away from the Pack Master, who seemed to take that as a victory.

“As far as I’m concerned, and I speak for the entire pack, Edwin and Gail made a mistake. They trusted a vampire to help them discipline their child and it went wrong. Riordan’s death is a tragedy, and we will all mourn the loss. If you can’t offer your parents support or respect during one of the most difficult days of their lives, you aren’t following pack law. This situation calls for unity, not wild accusations.”

“You can’t honestly be serious!” I shouted in desperation. “I’m not breaking any laws, I’m trying to get justice for my brother’s murder!”

“Chase, please stop yelling…” My father begged.

All around us, Pack members began to close in. Nobody seemed willing to see this from my perspective. I frowned, still trying to get my head around the notion my community, people I’d considered family, were not who thought they were.

It felt as though my entire existence had been stripped bare. My naked soul, battered and bruised, strung up from a hook awaiting judgement alongside my brother. Him for a love he didn’t choose to feel, and me for my fierce loyalty and protective nature. I glanced at Thurman, my conviction momentarily derailed.

“Give up this foolish quest for vengeance,” The Pack Master went on. “What’s happened is difficult enough, let your parents grieve in peace. Be the son they deserve.”

A fist shot out from beside me and clocked the Pack Master right in the eye socket. He hit the deck hard, bashing his head on a rock at our feet. As he lay sprawled on the ground, out cold, I felt my lips slowly part in surprise. I turned again, to look at Thurman.

“I thought you were meant to be here to stop me from losing it, so I could defend Riordan’s honor?”

“Yeah, well someone’s gotta defend yours.” Thurman examined his knuckles and shook the hand, as though trying to will away the pain. I shuddered to think how hard he’d hit the man we’d once respected.

“What did you do? You stupid boy!” My mother shouted.

Dad had already dropped down beside the Pack Master, checking for a pulse, and examining his injuries. Other Pack members rushed to assist, making no secret of whose side they were on.

“Chase, I’m not sure it’s wise to stay here,” Thurman whispered.

I agreed with him, but I could feel the change bristling along the underside of my skin. Daylight had already begun to fade. Soon it would be time to start the Lunar Rites. Whether or not the Pack Master woke in time for his ceremonial duties, one thing was more than apparent. We were no longer welcome here.

about the author

Author Johanna M Rae is a former fashion designer and married mother of three. She lives in Hamilton, NZ, with her family and two gorgeous ragdoll cats: Macchiato (Macky) and Smudge.

Balancing the needs of three sporty and musically inclined teenagers and her writing schedule doesn’t always leave much time for leisure, but in the quiet moments, Johanna can be found crocheting up a storm or nursing her caffeine addiction.

She is partway through writing a shapeshifter series called Therian Secrets. The first four books are available at Amazon and selected online retailers, while book five is due for release in 2021. Johanna also has an urban fantasy series called Immortal Trinity, currently consisting of two books. The third is due out in 2022. Johanna has also written a stand alone novel called Alpha Stray, which was her NaNoWriMo project; and two poetry collections. There are a few other stories in the works, which she plans to publish in the near future. Until then, there is coffee to be had…

Follow Johanna online: Facebook ~ Instagram | @johanna.m.rae ~ Twitter | @JohannaMRae ~ Website

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Thanks to Zoe for inviting me on to the tour, and to Johanna for sharing an extract with us.

I’ll be back shortly lovelies

Chelle x

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