Morning my lovelies and happy Sunday.  I hope you’re all have a lovely weekend!  Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for The Bluebells Girls by Barbara Josselsohn and bringing you an extract.  I’m looking forward to reading this too!  Enjoy!

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Three generations. One summer that will change everything.

Growing up in Lake Summers, Jenna and her mother Sweet were known as the bluebell girls. Jenna was carefree, always running barefoot through their wildflower garden, and no one expected her to live in their little lake house in the Adirondack Mountains forever. But when Sweet’s health declines Jenna must return from her life near New York, and with her own daughter Sophie in tow, their family home comes to life again.

Away from the stress of her recent divorce, Jenna finds comfort in lazy afternoons along the water and long nights watching Sweet tell Sophie stories about her long-lost loves. And when she meets Sweet’s new next-door neighbour Troy, she recognizes him instantly as the boy with whom she shared her first kiss.

Seeing Troy reminds Jenna of just how reckless she once was, but as their feelings resurface, so do the secrets they hide about a tragedy in their past. And with Sweet and Sophie closer than ever before, Jenna is forced to make a choice: will she flee again, or is she finally brave enough to be honest with Troy and settle down in Lake Summers forever?

An unforgettable romance that will whisk you away to the sunny shores of Lake Summers. Perfect for fans of Carolyn Brown, Debbie Macomber, Mary Alice Monroe and anyone who’s ever dreamed of rekindling a long-lost love.

Published by: Bookouture on 25th September 2020
Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited
Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US


It took a mere ten seconds to drive across the old Jason Drawbridge that separated Lake Summers from the rest of the universe. But the difference between the two was so vast, there might as well have been an ocean, and not an inlet, dividing them. Life in the wider world moved at a feverish pace, the people quick to ask, “How are you?” but too harried to wait for an answer; in Lake Summers, life was calmer, and people always had time to listen. At least that’s how it felt to Jenna, as her wheels left the rumbling steel transverse and she spotted the town’s iconic welcome sign, a miniature outline of the lake etched into copper. Opening the car’s front windows, she breathed in the subtle wintergreen of the nearby yellow birch trees, and suddenly all the thoughts weighing her down felt less heavy. More manageable. Her exhusband’s engagement, her sister’s words, her mounting expenses, and the toll the past year was taking on her eleven-year-old daughter, Sophie—on this side of the bridge, she thought she might actually survive it all. It had something to do with the way the shimmering late-afternoon sun slowly descended behind the Victorian-style buildings along Main Street. Something about the warm breeze that ever so slightly kicked up from the lake and seemed to whisper, You’ve been missed. She glanced over her shoulder at the back seat, where Mo was curled up in a furry black ball and snoring peacefully, then faced front and breathed in again. You’ve been missed… It was a greeting she heard every time she returned to Lake Summers, and today, finally, she could reply as she’d always wanted. It had been nearly a year since Matt had walked out on her, admitting he’d fallen in love with one of his clients, and while she had felt like she was in freefall for most of those months, she now had a foothold and a route forward. She was moving to Lake Summers, back into the stone-fronted house where she’d spent the summer months when she was growing up, and where her mother now lived year-round. She was moving with Sophie, no matter how hard her ex-husband and her sister might protest. She was going to reinvent her life. Traffic slowed on Main Street, and Jenna gently braked, watching the blend of vacationers and year-round residents converge upon the town center as they always did when summer got underway, eager to absorb every drop of afternoon sunshine. Up ahead was the Smoothie Dudes shop, where kids holding baseball gloves or skateboards waited in line near the walk-up window, and Pearl’s Café, where families gathered around the outdoor chalkboard, reading today’s varieties of fresh-baked muffins. A short distance beyond, she spied the turnoff for the footpath that led to the lake. She could almost see T.J. on that late-August night so long ago, his feathered hair blowing onto his face as he rounded the path’s wide bend to meet her. The anticipation of seeing him had propelled her to sneak out that night despite the big storm heading into town. How often she’d relived that glorious moment when he touched her jaw and dipped his chin… Her cell phone rang, blasting her out of her daydreams. She was glad for the interruption—she never liked thinking about how that night ended. But her relief vanished when she looked at her dashboard and saw it was her sister. She tapped “Ignore” and accelerated to make it through the next intersection before the light turned red, then eased her foot up from the gas pedal, noticing the speedometer approaching forty miles per hour. Lately the thought of speaking to Chloe could cause quite an adrenaline rush. But it wouldn’t do any good to get a speeding ticket.

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Barbara Josselsohn is an award-winning journalist and novelist who loves crafting stories about strong protagonists facing a fork in the road. Her novels center around second chances, family relationships and, of course, romance. She is the author of the Lake Summers series set in the fictional town of Lake Summers, nestled in the Adirondacks Mountains, which includes the books The Lilac House and The Bluebell Girls. Before joining with Bookouture, she published The Last Dreamer, a women’s-fiction novel from Lake Union Publishing, along with hundreds of articles and essays in major and regional publications about family, home and relationships. She lives just north of New York City and enjoys escaping to the beach or the mountains whenever she can. Other than writing, her biggest passion is her family: husband, her three kids, and her indefatigable shih-poo!
Where to find Barbara online: Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

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Organised by: Bookouture

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me on to the tour, and to Barbara and Bookouture for sharing this extract with us.
I’ll be back soon my lovelies
Chelle x
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