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book blurb & info

A scarred mercenary…Or the Disappearing Duke of Greybourne?

Rafe has spent years running from his true identity. He’s a lone wolf, living far from aristocratic England and his violent father. Then unconventional Cleopatra Osbourne requests his protection as she crosses the Egyptian desert. In Cleo he discovers a fellow outcast—and a fierce desire! Cleo must return to London, and here lies Rafe’s dilemma—because following his heart means claiming the title he’s avoided for so long!

Published by: Mills & Boon Historical

Formats available: Paperback & eBook

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On their way back from Egypt to England Rafe’s and Cleo’s ship is caught in a storm and Cleo makes one more effort to overcome Rafe’s scruples and seduce him before they must go their separate ways…

‘You are under my protection, Cleo…’

Cleo unhooked her arms from about Rafe’s neck.

‘Oh, God, not that again. I am no longer under your protection, Rafe, but under Captain Christopher’s. I am, however, under you and I like it here. If there is one thing I have learned in life it is to take what pleasures come my way as long as they harm no one.’

He didn’t answer immediately, but the muscles of his jaw were working, making the scarred skin ripple.

‘This isn’t good. I’m far gone enough for you to be making sense, Queenie.’

‘I am making sense. You said yourself lust is the manifestation of a natural need. Or were you prevaricating?’

‘No, but it is different for you. You’re…’

Her eyes narrowed.

‘I am what? If you dare say a woman—’

‘Well, you are.’

‘You have taken others of my genus to bed, haven’t you?’

‘Yes, but they were…more experienced. Stop glaring at me like that. It matters. At least, it matters to me. Right now you are lonely and scared. Hell, I’m the same. I would like nothing better than to drown my mind for a while in this madness, believe me. Nine out of ten parts of me are hitting me over the head for not saying yes at the top of my lungs.’

‘Those are the nine parts of you that I like, Mr Grey.’

He smiled, his hand coming up to clasp hers where it was still pressed to his chest.

‘The tenth part is deeply wounded, but it likes you best of all and doesn’t want to sacrifice our friendship for the price of pleasing my damned libido.’

‘Tell Mr Tenth to keep its nose out of the other parts’ affairs. And I mean that literally. What happened in Alexandria was not an aberration; I want this honestly.’

He sank his head on to her shoulder. She could feel the battle inside him, the rigid weight pressing down on her. She wanted to tell him the battle was for naught. She would never hold this against him, but despite his strange life, he had rigid standards and she was not certain she wanted to force him to break with them.

She sighed and turned to brush his soft dark hair with her lips.

‘Just a kiss, then? And then I promise I shall stop torturing you.’

‘Just a kiss?’ He raised his head and she wasn’t certain if there was relief in his voice or disappointment.

‘Yes. That is all. For tonight at least,’ she amended conscientiously.

‘Then you sleep?’

‘As best I can. Yes.’

He adjusted himself on his elbow, gazing down at her. After moment he gave a small, determined sigh and brushed his fingers from her cheekbone to her jaw, his thumb settling on her lower lip, brushing gently.

‘Just a kiss,’ he repeated and she nodded.

‘Just a kiss. After what we did in the hammam, how much harm could a simple kiss do?’

‘At this rate a simple kiss might burn me to cinders, Cleo.’ His fingers were tracing the lines of her face, gliding over her cheek, the curve of her ear and the sensitive skin below it before returning to her mouth. ‘This is probably not a—’

She slipped one hand into his hair and drew his head down into the kiss.

Just a kiss.

Just the whole world cracking open and revealing itself like a ripe fruit, just her body saying—yes, finally…more.

For a few moments he let her explore his lips with hers, doing nothing more than holding himself above her, his hand as gentle as a down feather against her cheek. But as she deepened the kiss she could feel his muscles practically creaking with the effort to keep himself immobile

This was hard for him, this control, she realised with glee. She wanted it to be hard. She wanted him to need this. To be buffeted by it just like the waves outside, just like the forces inside her that kept pushing her towards him.

about the author

Lara Temple writes strong and sensual Regency romances about complex individuals who give no quarter but do so with plenty of passion. She lives with her husband, two children, and one very fluffy dog and they are all very understanding about her taking over the kitchen table so she can look out over the garden as she writes and dreams up her Happy Ever Afters.

Where to find Lara online: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Facebook Author Page ~ Goodreads ~ Amazon Author Page UK ~ Amazon Author Page US

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