Morning lovelies.  I hope you got a lovely extra hour’s sleep! I did and feel good for it.  Today I’m delighted to be on the blog tour for Stonechild, where author Kevin Albin is talking to us about ‘The Power of the People‘ Enjoy!

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Where do we go to when we die? Imagine human consciousness embedded in the molecules of a statue. So, when the statues of London come to life, it is a spectacle like non other, and they come with a specific message, and an offer we cannot refuse. 

As the world reels in this wonder of science and religion, Molly Hargreaves has other plans and she sets out to prove that things are not as they seem. 

Chased, captured and confined, Molly confronts the statues and her own fears. But who can she convince? The people are welcoming, the Government has succumbed, and the police try to act, but how do you shoot stone and metal? Be prepared to be run ragged around London on a mystery worthy of the great Sherlock Holmes.

Published: Independently on 19th July 2020

Formats Available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited 

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US


 A word puzzle for the readers of Stonechild and with a prize to be drawn on the 10th December, which is Human Rights Day. Here’s the link with all the details 

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The Power of the People by Kevin Albin 

I was a police officer in the UK for twenty-five years. The criminal justice system there runs something like this — an offence is committed and someone arrested. That person has the right to speak with a lawyer, can refuse to answer any questions and can only be detained for a certain amount of time. If charged, they go before the court and the evidence is presented. They can enter their defence, witnesses are heard and questioned. A verdict is made by a learned person or sometimes as many as twelve, independent people. On passing a judgement, the person’s previous history, financial means and current circumstances are all taken into account, and there’s even an appeal process.

So imagine a case where none of this occurs. A person is accused of doing something in their past, maybe even a long time ago. The accused is not given a chance to speak or to give their account of what they did. No witnesses are called. No evidence is presented or considered. Judgement is passed, often by a large group of people, and carried out without any appeal being allowed.

I’m talking about the pulling down and destruction of statues often based on what people think they know about a person’s history. Okay, this is a little tongue in cheek, but as the author of Stonechild, where the statues of London come to life to give us a message on conservation, you might give me a little latitude. My argument is not whether these historical characters are good or bad, it’s that, should there be an opportunity to examine the facts, listen to different points of view, and understand the sentiments of others? Are we to accept that a crowd can take to the streets to cause destruction, perhaps just because they can? Fully accepting that for some, these statues are an insult, surely, there should still be a process? As a retired police officer, I am fully against injustice, but is this really the fight of the moment?

Modern slavery exists today. The severe exploitation of other people for personal or financial gain, is often just hidden from sight. If we look at the World today — out of control deforestation, inexcusable killing and trade of wildlife often just for our pleasure and health, our over-consumption of commodities, the pollution of the land, sea and air. Then there’s plenty of inequality, poverty, conflict, hunger, corruption, the list is long and urgent.

The scenes of people around the world taking to the streets to pull down statues without any debate or consideration of the opinion of others, demonstrates the power of the masses, so why are we not doing that with some of the grave injustices that are occurring? These are issues that are current today not what someone may or may not have done a hundred years ago. A United Nations panel of experts have said that a million plants and animals currently face extinction, and a  recent program on the BBC likened us, humans, to the asteroid that will cause many species to no longer exist, as theorised over the extinction of the dinosaurs. How is it possible that we continue to ignore what is happening all around us? Fires caused by global warming, the pandemic of covid-19, the constant encroachment into the forest to produce more food, and at a time when we throw away 40% of that food. We have destroyed so much of the natural biodiversity, that the eco-systems upon which we depend, are now failing.

What of our future generations? Are we going to educate our children on what happened a hundred years ago, judging decisions made in that time, or should it be how we all need to change our lifestyles and our behaviour towards other living things? Because if we have the right to judge others in our past, future generations will be making judgment on what we are doing right now.

about the author

 I served 25 years with the police in the UK, eight years of which were with a tactical firearms team. In 2002, I took a career change, and retrained as an International Mountain Leader working across the globe guiding on mountaineering trips and expeditions. 

I have led many trips to the jungles of Borneo, my favourite destination, an enchanting place that has sadly seen much deforestation. My trips were based on education and conservation.

In 2011, I won the Bronze in the Wanderlust Magazine World Guide Awards for my work..

It was whilst working on a corporate training day in London, when I pictured a statue coming to life to give my clients the answer to the clue they were working on. The rest grew from there.

My hope is that my writing will continue to spread the word on conservation and protection of all species.

I live in France.

 Where to find Kevin online: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ LinkedIn ~ Website

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Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to tour, and to Kevin for his fab guest post!

Have a wonderful day lovelies, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Chelle x

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