Also today I’ve got a guest post for you on the blog tour of Who Killed Patrick? The lovely Syl Water is talking to us about ‘If Guinea Pigs Ruled The World‘…….But first let’s learn about the book…..

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Sun, sea and… murder in Fuerteventura!

Boring. Going nowhere. That was Tarah’s life in the UK, before she moved to Fuerteventura to start a new adventure. But things came unstuck quicker than she’d planned. A dead guest on the holiday complex she manages threatens to pull apart her hoped-for dream life.

If she wants to keep her job and save the reputation of the business, she’s got to find out what happened to Patrick. Did he die of natural causes – or was he murdered?

Tarah’s pet guinea pig, Mr Bob, has a knack for sniffing out trouble and he suspects foul play. The mission is on: Who Killed Patrick?

With the assistance of Mr Bob and Diego, a local plumber, Tarah turns amateur sleuth to find out the truth.

Can Tarah and Mr Bob find the murderer before it’s too late? Will they be able to save the business and protect their blissful new life?

Published by: Eleftheria on 22nd August 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

If guinea pigs ruled the world.

Syl Waters

Perpetual surprise.

Constant wonder.

That’s what you get when you look into the face of a guinea pig. Eyes wide, bright and shining, happy to see and watchful of everything. As prey animals they’re always on the lookout, fearful but curious, daring but scared.

It’s a motto for life: be curious but afraid.

And it got me to thinking about what the world would be like if guinea pigs were in charge?

We take cues from our leaders. They set the culture, the sentiment of our times. Even if we don’t agree with them, they shape the policy, the way of thinking, and the laws of this land.

But what if guinea pigs ruled the world?

And I can hear you thinking what a crazy idea, but really, is it? How do you define crazy anymore?

Is something crazy just because you can’t imagine it now? It wouldn’t be so far back in time when people would’ve thought you crazy for thinking you could use a piece of plastic to talk to another human being in another place. I mean, imagine how crazy the first person sounded who looked at a bird and said: ‘we should do the same’. And the response would’ve been: ‘but we don’t have wings, you’re crazy.’ But many of the world’s best inventions were started with crazy first ideas.

And so let’s put to bed this notion the idea is crazy, and let’s start afresh with the attitude: interesting, tell me more….

If guinea pigs ruled the world, nobody would be lonely. As super social beings, guinea pigs huddle and muddle together for company and chit chat. Never a day goes past without a little piggie wheek and squeal. There would be no more reports of social isolation and people not having anyone to talk to, chit and chat would be all over the globe.

If guinea pigs ruled the world, people would be able to see better. With a 340 degree range of vision, versus the 120 degrees of a human, guinea pigs can see more of the bigger picture. And when they turn their head, they don’t get blurred vision like we do, because they can see 33 images per second, whereas we can only see 22. With guinea pig vision, we’d get a wider view of everything.

If guinea pigs ruled the world, there’d be no need for schools. Baby guinea pigs (pups) are born in an advanced state (precocial). With fur, a full set of teeth, functioning eyesight and the ability to run and eat solid food within a few hours’, pups are ready to get on and live their lives way quicker than their human counterparts. There’d be no more arguments about who’s quitting their career to bring up the baby or who can’t go out tonight because there’s no one to babysit.

If guinea pigs ruled the world, there’d be no violence. When guinea pigs are annoyed they don’t lash out and punch things, instead they produce deep, booming vibrating noises. And when they want to show off and display they have a higher social status, they boom louder. They don’t buy up fancy swag and inventorise on Insta, they just brag.

But, of course, we’re not guinea pigs.

We humans aren’t born ready to make our own way in this world; we need growing up, we need looking after. We need each other.

But I can’t help but wonder, if guinea pigs ruled the world, maybe we’d remember that.

about the author

Most people know crazy cat ladies are a ‘thing’, but I’m a proud crazy guinea pig lady! I love fun in the sun and plenty of cocktails. My happy place is flip flops. I write stories to keep me company – my characters ensure I’m never lonely and always smiling (when I’m not tearing my hair out!)

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Thanks to Rachel for inviting me on to the tour and for Syl for sharing her wonderful guest post with us.

I think you’ll agree this sounds fab, and I really wanted to read it but just don’t have time in my schedule.  So if you do read it, I’d love to know what you think please!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend my lovelies, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Chelle x

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