This afternoon I’ve also got a review for you of crime thriller, Her Husband’s Grave by P L Kane……

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A hint of gold glistened in the sand. It was a watch, no doubt about it. A watch… attached to a body.

Criminal psychologist Robyn Adams is at breaking point after a previous case resulted in an attempt on her own life. But as she sits in the car about to head home, her phone rings. It’s Robyn’s cousin, Vicky Carter, who she hasn’t seen or heard from in years.

Vicky’s voice cracks down the phone. Her husband, Simon, has been found buried on Golden Sands beach. Desperate to help and determined not to let her last case get the better of her, Robyn returns to the coastal village where she spent summers with Vicky as a child.

Robyn knows that she has let Vicky down in the past and is set on making up for lost time. Throwing herself into the case, she combs through evidence, intent on discovering a lead that will help the local police.

But there is clearly someone who wants Robyn gone. She is convinced someone is watching her and when she begins to receive threatening notes, Robyn knows that she could be risking her life…

But Robyn won’t leave again – she owes it to Vicky to stay.

Published by: HQ Digital on 26th June 2020

Formats available: Paperback & eBook

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US

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Robyn is surprised to receive a call from her cousin Vicky, someone she hasn’t spoken to for years, asking for help.  She jumps in her car and returns to Golden Sands to find that her cousins Husband has been found murdered, buried on the beach; and she agrees to help.  But she has to try and get in with the police first…..

As she delves into the investigation, other secrets are uncovered, and Robyn finds herself hitting an all time low.  But despite her own problems, she promised Mia (her cousin’s little girl), that she would find the killer; and she is determined.  But the more she investigates, the more danger she finds herself in.  And as secrets she’s been trying to hide come out, can her newly found relationship with her cousin survive?

There were some bits I really enjoyed about this book and others that I wasn’t so sure about.  Starting with the characters, Robyn isn’t the warmest person and I found her quite hard to like.  Although she has her own issues going on, as well as an addiction to painkillers, as a psychologist I would have thought she’d have her head screwed on a bit more.  But then from what she appears to have gone through recently (in the previous book?), and her past I can see why she is messed up.  However, that doesn’t excuse the things she does, and the things that have happened in her past.

Vicky again, isn’t a particularly nice character.  She’s obviously in a bad place because she’s just lost her Husband, but her attitude and the way she goes about things is definitely questionable.  Although I wasn’t a massive fan of Robyn, I did feel for her.  Vicky asked for her to come and then treats her terribly.

Saying that though, there were a couple of characters I really liked.  Watts was brilliant. Poor guy though; he needs to realise he’s far to good for Robyn and go find himself a nice girl!!  And Mia was cute, wise and funny – a fantastic little character.

In terms of the plot, I enjoyed the storyline behind the murder and the things that the investigations uncovers.  There are bits throughout the book where the chapter is told by an unknown source, and refers back in time.  It becomes clear what this is later but I was slightly confused by this at first. I felt at the times that the plot focussed a lot of the family issues, rather than the crime; but this just added an extra layer to the story for me.

The pace of the novel was pretty good, although I felt that it suddenly ended.  There was a lot of suspense building up to the conclusions, but I felt that the ending came quite quickly and would have liked a bit more detail.  I felt like some of the things were wrapped up in a sentence or two.

Although the storyline involves murder and some other darker subjects, I found this to be quite a light read, and found that the writing style was quite light hearted.  The narrative between the characters is quite stuttery, and at first this put me off my flow a bit, but I actually came to quite enjoy this later as it made it feel more real.

Overall I did enjoy this, and would definitely read more from this author again.  Although there were a few areas that niggled me, it didn’t put me off the story.  And even though I don’t particularly like Robyn, I’d still be interested to see what happens to her next.  Hopefully she sorts herself out!!



about the author

Paul Kane is the award-winning, bestselling author and editor of over a hundred books – including the Arrowhead trilogy (gathered together in the sellout Hooded Man omnibus, revolving around a post-apocalyptic version of Robin Hood), The Butterfly Man and Other Stories, Hellbound Hearts, The Mammoth Book of Body Horror and Pain Cages (an Amazon #1 bestseller).

His non-fiction books include The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy and Voices in the Dark, and his genre journalism has appeared in the likes of SFX, Rue Morgue and DeathRay.

He has been a Guest at Alt.Fiction five times, was a Guest at the first SFX Weekender, at Thought Bubble in 2011, Derbyshire Literary Festival and Off the Shelf in 2012, Monster Mash and Event Horizon in 2013, Edge-Lit in 2014 and 2018, HorrorCon, HorrorFest and Grimm Up North in 2015, The Dublin Ghost Story Festival and Sledge-Lit in 2016, IMATS Olympia and Celluloid Screams in 2017, plus Black Library Live and the UK Ghost Story Festival in 2019, as well as being a panellist at FantasyCon and the World Fantasy Convention, and a fiction judge at the Sci-Fi London festival.

A former British Fantasy Society Special Publications Editor, he is currently serving as co-chair for the UK chapter of The Horror Writers Association. His work has been optioned and adapted for the big and small screen, including for US network primetime television, and his novelette ‘Men of the Cloth’ has just been turned into a feature by Loose Canon/Hydra Films, starring Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, You’re Next).

His audio work includes the full cast drama adaptation of The Hellbound Heart for Bafflegab, starring Tom Meeten (The Ghoul), Neve McIntosh (Doctor Who) and Alice Lowe (Prevenge), and the Robin of Sherwood adventure The Red Lord for Spiteful Puppet/ITV narrated by Ian Ogilvy (Return of the Saint). Paul’s latest novels are Lunar (set to be turned into a feature film), the Y.A. story The Rainbow Man (as P.B. Kane), the sequels to RED – Blood RED & Deep RED – the award-winning hit Sherlock Holmes & the Servants of Hell, Before (an Amazon Top 5 dark fantasy bestseller) and Arcana.

He also writes thrillers for HQ Digital/HarperCollins as PL Kane, the first of which, Her Last Secret, came out in January 2020 (

Paul lives in Derbyshire, UK, with his wife Marie O’Regan and his family. Find out more at his site which has featured Guest Writers such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris, Robert Kirkman, Dean Koontz and Guillermo del Toro.

Thanks to Paul, HQ Digital and NetGalley for a copy of the book.  All views & opinions are my own.

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