Morning my lovelies and happy Friday! Today I’m delighted to be reviewing I Can’t Sleep, a psychological thriller by the lovely JE Rowney.…….

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“I can’t sleep. Not since June 16th, 2018.Not since what happened…”

Traumatised by the events of her past, exhausted by insomnia, Becky Braithwaite believes that a new start will help her to recover. She leaves home to fulfil her brother’s dreams, and honour the life he never had but she soon finds that escaping from the past is not as easy as she imagined.

Is her fatigued mind playing tricks on her, or is danger really lurking in the shadows?

This unputdownable psychological thriller will keep you turning the pages to find out the truth.

SHUTTER ISLAND on sleeping pills.


Formats Available: Paperback & eBook.  Available on Kindle Unlimited.

Purchase Links: Amazon UK ~ Amazon US


my thoughts

Becky has just started at uni, but is still struggling with insomnia – something she’s been plagued with for the last couple of years since a traumatic event occurred in her life.

Not long after arriving strange things start happening to Becky and she’s convinced someone is stalking her.  But are they, or are all her sleepless nights starting to have an impact?

This psychological thriller had me turning the pages to find out what would happen. Is Becky losing it or is there really someone out to get her? I also wanted to know what happened in her past and Rowney definitely builds up the anticipation, leaving you guessing until she reveals all.

I feel so sorry for Becky.  Imagine not being able to sleep (sleep is one of my favourite things!).  She knows she needs help and does seek this out, but it doesn’t seem to help.  Her paranoia grows and you have to wait to find out if it’s warranted or not.

As I’ve said the anticipation builds up brilliantly, and you can’t help but want to read the next chapter. Rowney gives us a creepy atmosphere with plenty of suspense and doubt which is fab. However, I did feel that the ending was quite abrupt.  It wasn’t what I expected at all (which is a good thing) but after all the anticipation, I feel like the last couple of chapters could have been extended a bit.

This is the second book I’ve read by Rowney and again, I really love her writing style.  It’s so easy to read and as it’s told from the first person, you feel like you really get to know the character.  It’s enjoyable to read, and as it’s quite a short read you will fly through this.

Overall, a good and enjoyable read with a fabulous twist; I would have just liked a bit more in the final chapters.  If you’re looking for your next relatively short, easy to read psychological thriller then I would still recommend checking this out though.



about the author

J.E.Rowney spent several years in the cold Yorkshire hills, which brings the flavour of the moorland countryside into her work. She now lives in Dorset, and the sun and sea are slowly creeping in as influences.

“Charcoal”, her first novel, was published in 2012 to wide critical acclaim, and was a bestselling novel across the whole of Amazon within days of release.

Ms Rowney has recently been awarded the Dinesh Allirajah Writing Prize 2020.

Her third novel, “Ghosted”, was released in January 2020 and quickly also became a bestseller.

She spends lots of time writing in coffee shops, so if you see her, say hello.

Ms. Rowney says: “I always dreamed of being a writer, until I realised that I was. Then I started to write.”

Where to find J.E. Rowney online: Website ~ Mailing list ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram~ Twitter ~ Facebook

Also make sure you come back tomorrow as we’ve got JE Rowney with us for a ‘Meet the Author’ interview!

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